10 Nintendo Switch Games Coming August 2018!

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August 2018 is not the most exciting month for the Nintendo Switch, but that doesn’t mean that we have games to look forward to! Like Okami HD or Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate!

Inside Super Smash Bros Ultimate this Saturday!

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  1. STAY AWAY from little Dragon's Cafe! It looks awesome but it's UNPLAYABLE it has an insane amount of load screens!
    From these I'm getting Victor Vran, Overcooked 2, Deadcells and State of Mind looks really cool.

  2. Does anyone know the name for a switch indie game where you are a girl and you have a cat companion?

  3. pff i want to buy a switch so bad, but then i see all the bad games they offer. thats what holding me back. i know mario blabla.. but i already played all the mario games on wiiU.. the switch is here now over 1.5 year.. i dont see any improvments.

  4. You sound like youre trying to be funny but dont even find your own jokes funny.

  5. I want to buy the switch but I need more reason to buy it, the biggest reason I can think of is the exclusives, I was wondering if you could make or recommend a video with exclusives for switch but all the exclusives from the dawn of the Switches arrival to the year 2019(obviously upcoming games included 🙂 )

  6. I guess it's not a family friendly channel. Bleeped out the space in between "F" and "ucking." Man, you're retarded.

  7. DMC remastered, and Marvel vs Cap com would be dope on the Switch.

  8. $60 for Dragon Cafe hahaha. Imagine that game releasing on Steam for $20: All the reviews would mentioned it "being a fun little time waster but not much to do. After 5 hours it feels more like a shallow mobile game. Recommend waiting until 50% off." But no, it'll be $60 on Switch and never drop below $40 lol

  9. only 2 games that can save switch. after that……

  10. switch games are hella expensive for most of the games not being open world. i get paying sixty dollars for a open world game, there’s a lot to do, but for a flat static game where you play it once and have done everything, these games are wayyyy too expensive.

  11. I have such a huge back log of games for the Switch already! Playing games on multiple consoles and PC makes it so difficult to even keep up. Sounds like a good thing but I hate getting to good games way after everyone is finished playing it. Oh well. 😔

  12. I'd rather play against cpu's in Smash than any of these games…

  13. Freedom Planet, it maybe a port, but I love it. It comes out August 30th.

  14. Only reason I haven’t brought the The Switch is because the games are just ass plz make some good games dam

  15. Nope. Not going to buy any of these games. Not interest in the game styles at all. Waiting for the new Valkyrie Chronicles next month then the real Fire Emblem game after that. These games you've featured here feel like browser flash based bore fests.

  16. Question for those who know. For Monster Hunter Gen U, i know you'll be able to transfer your saves from the 3ds, but can you transfer your saves from the Switch back to the 3ds?

  17. TWEWY is coming to Switch and I havent been more excited. I played Okami (Chibi?) In the DS and even though it was a tiny screen, it was still beautiful. Can't wait to play and get Okami.

    I also agree with what you say. I was so psyched for Dark souls but I'm really impatient. I just want it now

  18. really excited for Cosmic Star heroine but I dont want to buy it because I bet there will be a physical in some form. Most likely Limited Run Games, but even official releases lately have been coming out later. Its annoying.

  19. Not great games for me! Don’t understand all this 2d stuff. Looking forward to V rally as it needs a proper driving game on switch. I enjoy Zelda which was main reason I bought the switch

  20. I would Love to See some 360 games on the Switch.
    Its easy to Port and would please a lot of Fans.
    Fallout Series, GTA 4 and 5, red dead redemption, the Arkham series.

    These are the Games i would Instantly buy and Love to Play on the go

  21. What I want is Resident Evil 7 on the Switch. The system is capable of handling that game. On another note, port over Wonderful 101 and Xenoblade Chronicles X.

  22. It is impossible to starve for new Switch games since there are over 20 full fledged games from the 1st year. Unless you don't work and have summer months off, you wouldn't be short of anything.

  23. Never played MH, still gonna try!! OMG, it looks amazing!

  24. Victor Vran is the voice actor for Geralt of Rivia

  25. I would play Okami if some of the monsters and music didn’t scare me to death. But the little dragon cafe sounds interesting.

  26. Lol, the next on the list was Overcooked 2, and I got a Domino's Pizza commercial right after!😂

  27. fuck the switch it really is crap im not going bother getting one true fact

  28. Little Dragon's Cafe looks like an awesome game… for $40 tops. $60 seems a bit out of scope for what the game seems to offer, but I'll definitely keep an eye out to see if I can get it for cheaper. Okami for $20 which I've never played before sounds like a no brainer.

  29. So Dead Cells Costs $35 not 20. and it comes out august 21st not august 7th, maybe your info was relevant at time of original post

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