2 Ways I Make Tassels: Tutorial

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Today I’m showing how I make tassels from embroidery floss! There may be better ways of doing it, but this way works for me! Hey guys!  At 59 years old, I’ve gotten into junk journaling a little late in the game!

In my efforts to cure my boredom while recuperating from a broken shoulder last spring and summer, I began watching junk journal tutorials on Jessica’s, “I’m a Cool Mom” Youtube channel!

I don’t know why I chose this particular subject to start watching, but for some reason I did and I quickly became obsessed with the whole fascinating process of putting together junk journals!

I could hardly wait to begin creating cute little tags, envelopes, tuck spots and belly bands to lovingly placed on beautiful and carefully selected scrapbook papers or on my own handmade “vintage” tea and coffee dyed papers!

Now that I can finally use my arm again and have begun making my own journals, I’ve discovered that not only do I love, love, love doing so, but crafting beautiful creations for others helps me cope with the depression and chronic pain from severe arthritis that I often suffer with!

Please check out my main channel, “My Autistic Brain Tumor Survivor” where I vlog about life as a disabled mom taking care of my disabled daughter at Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Tassels really are cute, and add alot to your journals!

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