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  1. Fati Mohammed says

    He is too good

  2. Vito Abbate says

    Amazing video

  3. flavius honorius emperor of rome 395-423 says

    this video is dedicated to those fanatic nole-rafa fans who place fed at no 3 place and at a far distance behind rafa and nole claiming that most slams roger won were those in that so called weak era from 2003 to 2007.
    Those ASSHOLES called fed A WEAK ERA GOAT.
    I think now this video humiliates them to the point of a……SUICIDE.

  4. Farshad Persian says

    Why should not love you Roger?

  5. Sheeza Mann says

    the king…..maestro, goat…..doesn't matter…he is SIMPLY THE BEST

  6. prakash hampali says

    Yeah Federer is only a no 1 player in the world ever

  7. Vijayendran Vijay says

    Great collection of points.. The shot against Nadal in Miami 2017 has to be his best shot of that year according to me… That shot was not human.. The backhand down the line had no follow through whatsoever but the pace and control he got over that shot is insane… Wrist work at its finest… Roger always proves me that he is always beyond human..

  8. Wanheda says

    The shot at 3:24 is the best shot in this video.

  9. Dheeraj Pss says

    I thought the video would end with the 26 shot rally against Nadal at AO 17 final

  10. stuewz says

    Federer’s style is perfect on grass. He will always be my favorite player on this surface.

  11. Matthias Tremmel says

    Great point selection! The lob dropshot agsinst Berdych I like the most. Perfect example of unique Federer surprise shots nobody can anticipate. He's just the 🐐

  12. SMTHRTennis says

    Great shot selection and good video. It's a bit sad, that you have often double pictures in the replays (more than 1 ball, double lines, double rackets etc). Would be very cool if you could fix this 😉
    Besides that, great video and channel.

  13. unowen7591 says

    When you click anywhere on the video and immediately know the point that's going to unfold/the point that already unfolded, the match it happened, which round, which opponent and what year the match took place

  14. Vladimir Stanescu says

    "Maybe Blake should play the Federer forehand !" LOL !

  15. Waqas Chaudhry says

    tennis would never be the same once he retires. #GOAT

  16. Donkeykongfederersucks says

    ALL GIRLY SHOTS 👠👠💄💄😂👱

  17. Thomas brunkle says

    You might pull off some of Feds shots, but you will never do it as consistently as he does. That's why he deserves to be called the best shotmaker ever.

  18. TheBigSquirrel 50 says

    2:50 Ah, the famous lob dropshot 😌

    7:39 I'm sure literally everyone in the world leaned towards down the line. He fooled me, and I wasn't even playing 😂

  19. Ferguson says

    Great selection as it shows Federer literally has (or lets say had) everything: talent, pace, accuracy, touch, high tennis IQ, defensive skills and so on.
    And I guess next video is 20+ Nadal Shots that shocked the tennis world.

  20. Alex James says

    Awesome shots by the GOAT! Also nice to see Guga's backhand in the first point.

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