20 Minute Guided Meditation and Complete Breath Practice to Build Positive Internal Energy


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This 20 minute guided meditation begins with a three dimensional or a complete breath practice that will help calm your nervous system and build the positive energy that is already within you.

Even when things don’t feel like they are going our way, or it feels like the world is against us, there is always some positive energy within us we can build on. Know that out of the darkness comes the light.

I hope you enjoy!

Headphones recommended for optimal experience.
Do not listen while driving.

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Meditation written and read by Sara Raymond
Photo Credit: Karsten Wurth Unsplash.com

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  1. JY Measures says

    You are the best Sara. You allow us to drift then call us back. At the mental forks you allow us to go where the tide takes us. Your voice is not whispering or trying to be super soft. Your music is great and not overwhelming. No background clocks, road noise, or dogs. I enjoy the length 15-30 min of most of the videos as well. I've been doing one a day. Thank you

  2. Kurt says

    Thank you, Sara. Great, as always.

  3. F Greenman says

    Thank you

  4. Dan Withers says

    Thank you.

  5. Crystal Coleman says

    I felt my body vibrating! It was wonderful!

  6. Erika Wheeler says

    Sara Raymond, I like you! 🙂 I really appreciate your healing work. Your meditations have greatly helped in my TBI, PTSD, anxiety and depression recovery! God bless!

  7. Tanya Low says

    Thankyou for sharing

  8. Laia Nieto says

    Thank you very much Sara! You are helping me a lot! Your voice and meditacion make me feel better every day! Go on ! Good job! Love and inner peace🙏😘

  9. Patricia Alexander-Bird says

    I found your channel recently and it is helping me so much. Your kindness and wisdom shines through in your beautiful voice, thank you so much.

  10. Fabulous Worlds says

    You are my favorite of all Sarah. Thank you for all that you do. Smiles and blessings..

  11. Zannie Collison says

    Amazing meditation thank you 💜

  12. Kristi Lee says

    Another thoughtful, inspiring guided meditation!! Thank you for continuing to make new ones, even as you're also focusing on physical movement videos. 🙂

  13. The Quieted Mind says

    Excellent meditation.

  14. revital mitchell says

    I am filled with LOVE and Appreciation for you and for what you do. Thank You! You are definitely following your path, and touch so many of us. Thank you from the core of my being!

  15. Mark Kohl says

    Beautiful. So calming.

  16. AmbeRain says

    Thank you for sharing with us this beautiful meditation again.

  17. Charito Basa says

    Very grateful, indeed! 🙂

  18. Kevin Francis says

    Sunday evening tropical Thunder storms outside my window, mixed those back ground sounds with your peaceful meditation..relaxing..Thank You

  19. Júlia Dornelas says

    Hello, I'm Julia and I'm Basilian! I found your channel few weeks ago and I completely in love!!!! Your meditations are amazing end so helpful… Thanks very much S2

  20. sharon myers says

    Thankyou Sarah for your beauty and wisdom

  21. Droolyllama says

    Hey Sarah. Just wanted to say thank you for the video. This was great. You're definitely helping me out and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Keep at it! Again thank you for the value.

  22. Isabelle v says

    Thank you for another great meditation! I love your soothing and kind voice, you always say the right things to make me open up and soften more. I also like the soft and calming music. Always looking forward to your next meditation 🙂

  23. Kevin Francis says

    now in my middle years my life has become complicated , but your beautiful , peaceful meditations help to calm my thoughts … Thank you 🙂

  24. Kevin Francis says

    Thank you

  25. chris james says


  26. Bbs Cel says

    Thank you so much for all your meditation video! Regards from Chile.

  27. Deborah Reed says

    Sooooo beautiful, THANKYOU xxx

  28. chris james says


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