3 Things That Men Find Terribly Unattractive In Women


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  1. Sarah Kohl says

    Really good advice…the emotional part I can definitely work on😊

  2. Ed A says

    Telewoman is always faster than a telephone

  3. MI Three says

    Japanese kabuki room

  4. MI Three says

    Im bored k bye

  5. Kylie King says

    Your so beautiful. Ure skin and hair is glowing

  6. Kylie King says

    Your so beautiful. Ure skin and hair is glowing

  7. bob smith says

    TRUE!!! nothing worse than a female overbearing domineering CONTROL freak!!!!!

  8. What Not To Do At a Stoplight says

    Entitlement and inflated self worth is one of the worst for me.

  9. Cat Mandu says

    Not sure if those are the number one two and three things from a man's perspective but whatever.

  10. Promise Samuel says

    Love is patient, Love is kind, Love does not envy, It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no records of wrongs. Corinthians 13:4-8a is a favorite Bible verse about love.

  11. Ashley Victoria says

    In general even as a woman i hate when other women give unsolicited constructive criticism to anyone. They are usually the ones that need help most themselves

  12. Ashley Victoria says

    I have a minimum of 88 things I find unnatractive im men

  13. G R says

    Loose lips sink ships.

  14. RockawayCCW says

    Agree completely, especially about control freaks. I also find smokers very unattractive.

  15. Liza Galvez says

    I need to change my attitude for him but I can't change him…it is one-sided its all about pleasing the man just to get him to choose me. This is me take me or leaves

  16. Infinite Love says

    What to do if you've made these mistakes unconsciously?

  17. Anthony Martinez says

    Magnificent video.

  18. FRESH BOSS Garvin says

    There attitude is a big problem

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