360 panoramic drawing in Blender 2.8 (tutorial teaser)


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This tutorial shows different approaches to create a 360 panoramic drawing in Blender 2.8 using grease pencil.

360 workflow in Blender is much more streamlined and powerful comparing to previous techniques I used to use in Photoshop or 3D-coat.

This technique allows you to draw a 360 drawing without using a sphere, which overall opens quite unique ways of combining drawing and 3D to create a complete 360 drawing.

You can find the tutorial here.

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  1. Tobi U says

    brutal O.O

  2. Remon says


  3. vince says

    you gonna break basic drawing approch, keep it up

  4. 87411111 803133 says


  5. pixun says

    Gr8 teaser! I must to see you working with this VR plugin: https://youtu.be/Ix0y39c4d2U. It is also available for Blender. It will be something brilliant! 🙂

  6. Поц на лесопеде says


  7. Ivan Arion says

    Great! As always.

  8. Ed Wood says

    Нот бэд

  9. Solid Snake says

    that's dope.

  10. Sterling77 says

    Dope !! Can't wait /) who did the music ?

  11. a Little Pal says


  12. George Jimenez says

    Him Jama,will this tutorial show how to save the final 360 drawing for later upload to facebook or artstation?

  13. RyanIn2D says

    Maxing out on that array modifier! Thanks Jama!

  14. D1a1v1e1animations says


    Welcome to the freaking future!

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