[4K] Fallout 76: PS4/PS4 Pro vs Xbox One/Xbox One X – Every Console Tested!

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The final release is live but not without issues. Performance drops and glitches blight Fallout 76 across every console – with some unexpected frame-rate lows even on Xbox One X. Tom and John return to look through each version in turn.

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  1. Good job for the base xbox one, bad bethesda for the version of one x, this game need more optimizacion

  2. Holy crap you know the optimization is crap when the base xbox one does better in an area than base PS4, but the One X does worse than a base PS4 and One. It's all over the place. I hate to say it, but I think the bottleneck is Bethesda.

  3. Outside of the many problems with this game inparticular. Is anyone else pissed off that simply leaving the Ps4 Pro at 1440p has become the new defacto standard. I feel like 4k on the X is stressing it more than 1440p is on the Pro but nobody can be bothered to work at the optimum resolution like they were with early Pro games so they just set it to 1440p.

  4. Hey ive been experiencing big frame drops aswell on pc by like 60 fps

  5. Given that Starfield and ES6 are going to be using the same engine, expect more of the same for years to come.
    Bethesda failed to invest, failed to keep up with technology, now they get to stumble and fall.

  6. wow – these two are really on the side of the gaming community – aren't they?

  7. "DoN'T bE tOxIC gUyS, iTs JuSt A bEtA tHeY WiLl FiX iT oN rElEaSe"

  8. Man that Xbox one X is actually very impressive. I bet MS is taking losses on it.

  9. I was just laughing so hard when that radstag started running off! It was so glitchy. I’ve just finished red dead redemption 2 and those animals blow me away!

  10. In all honesty Bethesda should've just released Fallout 4 online instead of launching a new IP

  11. This game is dead on arrival, and other games like Metro: Exodus will completely bury it lol, terrible stuff from Bethesda. Really disappointed.

  12. Todd Howard confirmed in an interview earlier this year that both Starfield and the next Elder Scrolls game will use the Creation Engine. Unacceptable! I've given up on Bethesda.

  13. Its weird that company made The Evil Within 2

  14. Bethesda games always looked like shit it's just the quest and storylines that were spectacular and the game mechanics. Take that away now what do you have?

  15. Thank you for the video .
    I hope you will make video about Warframe in the Nintendo switch because I believe that I have drop frame a lot there

  16. 1080p High definition image quality, however most of the texture quality on the landscape, objects and creatures are NOT. Its not possible! So whats the point with the image quality then?

  17. When I first playing F4 the first time I thought I had a potato pc(i dont much about the technical stuff)because it struggled to run but then playing Witcher3 and Dying Light(both looks better and released in the same year)they ran flawlessly.If I need configuration,texture packs and patches made by modders to get your game running acceptably then you need get a better engine.Seriously thank god for nexusmods

  18. Nah xbox one x is bad optimization they'll fix it with a patch

  19. This game does not run in 60fps on any console? Is there a way to turn that on? I mean the Pro and X should be able to do that. Who cares about 4k when you can´t run the game smoothly. 60fps should be the standard in our time.

  20. "Quite playable" is unacceptable for a full priced AAA game.

  21. 12fps on xbox one x ? That's really depressing its not even funny it's beyond the point that's its so bad that it's funny and its not funny but its just saddening.

  22. Just don't buy this game. The developers need to learn not to publish shit games ever again

  23. Pop-in and LOD is visually obnoxious. Distant Object technology and quality is poor, especially when staring through binoculars or rifle scopes at blurry, muddy textures with flickering meshes z-fighting due to coordinate inaccuracies at distance. Disappointing all round.

  24. Would have worked much better as an expansion pack for $30

  25. Its funny, I get 30 to 40fps on Star Citizen at 1080p max settings with a 4 year old gaming PC yet FA76 with a graphics engine old enough to have sex can't run well for toffee.

  26. You guys were far too kind with your review. I think a little more harshness would have been totally acceptable.

  27. Bro, wanna hear a joke?
    Fallout 76
    -Hahahahahahaahhahahahahahah awesome, bro


  28. Graphics are not that important, if the story, combat and world is good. However, since all of those are bad in this game, this is pathetic.

  29. Xbox One X = 12fps.
    "This thing is a monster" – some shill.

  30. This is why I got Darksiders 3 instead of this piece of shit of a Bugthesda game and guess what Bugthesda? It runs in Unreal Engine 4 but you want to keep using your Creation Engine……

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