5 DIY Party Invitation Ideas

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Impress your guests with handmade party invitations! These DIY paper craft ideas include hand embroidery, stamping, and gold foil that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Step-by-step instructions:
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Invitation Envelopes- 0:11
Embroidered Invitation- 1:00
Gold Foil Invitation- 2:07
Rubber Stamp Invitation- 2:42
Party Horn Invitation- 3:33


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  1. Which invite will you send out for your party?

  2. Hi, could u plz til us… where would we get the materials to make the envelop ….

  3. Another thing….Could you also link where to purchase the envelop template? Thanks again!

  4. I LOVED ALL of the invitation ideas and Im really liking the hand made envelops. I really want to try this and thanks for sharing <3.

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