8 Ways to Increase Brain Power And Think Like A Genius

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It’s all too easy to neglect our memories in this digital age, where many of us can easily “google” the things we forget. Though it seems unnecessary, memorization is important for many reasons beyond being great at trivia night. For one, it disciplines the mind, making it more focused and productive; what you hold in your memory also informs how you think about things, and helps you understand concepts more quickly.
Check out these 8-ways You Can increase your Brain-power

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  1. Morning it's too cold to meditate

  2. I like the antioxidants part. They are good for us.
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  3. 0:53 avoid looking at screens?
    -but make sure to watch and like all our channel's videos.

  4. It worked ! My IQ went from .50 to 160 in just one day !!
    I'm no longer a flaming imbecile dragging my knuckles . I'm now a freakin GENIUS like Einstein !

  5. I don't understant: create association ?

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  7. Thanks for the share
    I am having the low retention power. I cannot recall things instantly which I have came across before. Takes much time to do it so.
    I am looking forward from your team to have powerful methods and suggestions on it in the future.

    Thanks for this helpful video.

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