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​​Card Ideas for any occasion
With the holidays just around the corner, everyone is competing over who’s Christmas card will be the most thoughtful and unique. Even if you think that you are not the most creative person in the world in order to decorate someone’s handmade Christmas card, do not panic because we are here to help. In this video, we show you amazing holiday ideas for both Christmas Cards and Christmas gifts.

A fun little gift you can give to anyone has to do with candy, and more specifically with gum. Here is what you can do. Take a picture of a girl, ( any girl can do, either one from magazines, stock photos or even better, a picture of yourself ), using your cutter cut a small cross over your lips. Now, get a balloon and fill 1/4 of it with air, tie it and place it through the cross of the picture. Now take your favorite gum or candy you have available and put them in a sealable bag. After that, take some decorative card paper and using your stabler stable your candy bag on the card paper. Finally, add some double face and stick the photo with the balloon on the decorative card and Voila. This gift is ideal for five to your colleagues or classmates

If you have some baby jeans laying around that you aren’t using, here is a way to repurpose them. Take your scissors and cut out the back pockets. Then, take a nice decorative card paper and using hot glue, stick the jean pocket on the paper. Finally, add some money inside the pocket and hand it over to your favorite person. Another card you can create and can be very easy especially if you are a beginner if a birthday card using cake forms. You first take a paper cupcake form and cut it all the way around. Then you take your card and stick an oval brown colored paper on the card as the cupcake sponge. Then, you cut the cupcake from a couple of times and layer it on top of the cupcake. (This will make it look more three-dimensional.), Then stick a real birthday candle on top and then a flame cut out as we show you in the video demonstration.

We also have an awesome way to create your own scratch cards. This is an awesome trick especially because it will be fun for the person receiving the card since they can choose any of the three or four options from their scratch card. Here is how you do it. Get some card paper, and cut it int the shape you want. We cut it as a rectangle and folded it in the middle, but you can cut it in other shapes as well. Then, using a coin as a stencil, draw three circles inside your card, and on each circle write 3 gift options. Now, here is how you do the magic. In a glass bowl, add a few drops of detergent and some drops of acrylic paint. Finally, mix them together and paint on top of the drawn gifts on the card. Let them dry and Voila.
0:07 – Bubble gum gift idea
0:39 – Awesome jean pocket Card
1:01 – Cute get well soon card
1:38 – Awesome DIY cupcake card
2:33 – Wallet purse card
3:21 – Psychedelic cards
4:44 – DIY Scratchcard
5:36 – Amazing spray paint cards
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