A Must See ! 360° Panorama of the Chang’4 Chinese Probe Landing Site, MOON (Ultra HD 4K)


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A must see ! 360 ° panorama of the landing site of the ChangE4 Chinese probe, inside the Von Kármán crater, in the South Pole-Aitken basin, on the hidden side of the Moon

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  1. MrGhostBoxer says

    Looks fake and colour washed

  2. DjSoma55 says


  3. Rocky305MS says

    The moon looks like it was once or still being used as a base and Mars looks like there was once an ancient civilization.

  4. ALLEYES says

    Utter bullshit but why feel the need to pile it up higher ????

  5. Dinkum Aussie says

    Where’s the alien bases and structures? Did they land it Row Z way out in the car park?

  6. JAI M says

    China engraved their name into the moon with those track.

  7. DRASIK says


  8. Andrea Hermann says

    ah die tech abteilung von disney world

  9. Duane Anderson says

    Well were are these secret alien bases go .oh wait there invisible now but there here you got to Is Just the contrast and due negative formats and look it here there they ain't ! Nope no aliens no bases just moon dirt and black space with no stars .oh crap no stars this was done in front of a green screen no stars got to be fake no wonder there's no aliens or basses

  10. Michael Hobby says

    Fake video, I see no Stars in the background

  11. Panspermia Hunter says

    Why is there no distant horizon, it all seems to end at the same distance like it is edited?

  12. Delancy Hotalen says

    Doesn’t look like the far side of the moon.

  13. zoran popovic says

    Fantastic scenery .

  14. Tumrgrwer says

    Why are there no stars in the sky? Is it because someone is lying? I want the billions of stars I see from earth photoshopped in and then it would look more real. This looks like a fake picture to me.

  15. Diego H says

    The horizon line looks totally fake. This is staged. Just look at that horizon line. The Chi Coms aren't fooling anybody.

  16. Randallkoller says

    that's not even good cgi, put that on the shelf with the spakewalks in the swimming pool

  17. 오늘의할일 says

    Why can't I see any star? China delete it?

  18. MrZedrik3000 says

    а у нас по ТВ говорили что китай показал снимки с Луны и она коричневого цвета (как земля) или я что то путаю

  19. Silvano Trotta says

    Are you serious ?? You believe in that bullshit ?

  20. Lazy Tounge says

    They must really think we are all idiots to believe this footage!

  21. The Overling says

    Where did they learn photography? NASA?

  22. Cindy WH-Witter says

    I miss StreetCap1 so much. He pointed out so much Chang’ recorded here on our moon. So much from what our own rovers recorded on Mars. And he always left it up to us what we’d see. We miss you George! You’ll never be forgotten and all the work you’ve done will never be forgotten also. He has all the answers now he, and all of us seek!

  23. Wojciech Zawada says

    Pozdrawiam serdecznie prowadzącego 👍 oraz wszystkich fanów tego kanału ❤😆❤😆

  24. NIGE vs THE WORLD says

    get this over to Chris at Mars Anomalies, pronto!

  25. Gaia Legend says

    Everybody talks about the stars and having no lights, but you gotta understand, that the lights we see on Earth, are not exactly stars at that moment. They are lights that are traveling lightyears to get to touch your eyes from a star that might not even be there anymore. Our way of lights on Earth are also different than that on the Moon. We keep constantly comparing this as if the Moon has everything the same as the planet Earth. This is simply not true.

    That we keep finding weird things on pictures of the Moon, means that something is going on over there but we aren't sure what exactly (I think). This reminds me of the snowy mountains. People sometimes tell me that they find it weird how you can be burned from the snow as it's the sunlight shining back at you from the ground and they simply never heard of that happening yet (Doesn't mean they are stupid in case people shout this at my comment) they simply never saw snow in the works yet. Anyway, my point is that light might be shining very differently on the Moon than here on Earth. That we aren't seeing stars could be because of the darkness of space being so dark, that the Moon's surface is bright only, so that is why you cannot see it. Remember that it's the sunlight casting on the moon and it's not the Moon itself that's making it.

    If you guys can explain it better than me, please enlighten me. I'm just trying to figure that out, nothing more.

  26. Roberto R says

    At 2:53 is something…

  27. FireStarMARS says

    There’s no doubt that even the Chinese now know that our Moon is occupied by extraterrestrial humanoids. That’s why the images are photo edited to camouflage the real life. CNSA and NASA, ESA, ISRO, RSC, NDAU have been sworn to secrecy about exposing the truth of highly intelligent life that exist now on other planets… until the time is right. However, using a bit of photo editing yourselves, by playing with the contrast, you’ll be able to get a glimpse of what they’re hiding, and it’s not more rocks!

  28. rene Kalucea says

    Fake. Keep in mind that HOMOSAPIENS never been on the moon research FLAT EARTH 😍😘

  29. Andhika Rukka says

    No alien?

  30. Independence Day says

    Bad CGI

  31. JaKBaLL TV says

    background looks fake as F

  32. Dennis Durkop says

    Coloring would show the potential elements in rocks that could be mined, as they do not want a rush to get there! No different than Antarctica!

  33. лев Жерар says

    Of course color, nasa and apollo always white and black, Eric filmed the beautiful moon color with telescope, he is always serious 👽🔭❤❤🔭👽👍

  34. S.D.A.C says

    jajajajaja no stars what a joke

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