A Plague Tale: Innocence E3 2017 Teaser Trailer | PlayStation 4


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A Plague Tale: Innocence is an upcoming PlayStation 4 title set in the 14th Century, as a boy and girl attempt to outrun a swarm of supernatural rats. Check out the E3 2017 trailer.

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  1. Lit' AHSr. says

    almost 1 year no updates

  2. Lit' AHSr. says

    3rd person I hope!! , there no more info? fucking looks awesome

  3. Gideon Baranda says

    So Corvo's been here huh? Figures…

  4. JTsavage says

    why didnt they show more stuff like this at the conference? too fucking short.

  5. jaredsmith1998 says

    yup, just kneel down and die kid with your mildly worried voice

  6. Reed Naylor says


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