All Battlefield 5 Beta Guns Analyzed


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  1. werttyman says

    I’m running iron sights 24/7 unless it is a sniper

  2. MyViolador says

    The fg42 has bayonet charge, but when you charge there is no bayonet, I just ran around stabbing people with the tip of the gun.

  3. MyViolador says

    reflex sights sucks they are so dark , I ran the iron sights in every weapons except semi auto rifles

  4. Kody Moss says

    What the heck they didn’t add some very popular WW2 guns like the Mosin Nagant 91/30, M1 Garand or the Thompson.

  5. Dmitri T. says

    So EA did the exact same bullshit like CoD WW2: Give some weapons from the 30‘s and 40‘s some modern sights that didn’t even exist after the war.

    Just to remind you guys: the US didn’t even use such sights during the Vietnam War on their M16.

    Thank god EA doesn’t produce weapons. Their accuracy is fucked up and the risk for a backlash is too high.

  6. Izaak Ramsay says

    Sleeping on this shit sooo hard

  7. sheng wu says

    ZH29 is a Czech gun, but also only largely used by North East China army

  8. xXBrutalcanadianXx says

    Interesting that the scout gets the zh29 given that semi autos seemed to be going towards the other classes. Almost makes me think the scout will be getting the m1 garand given the similarity in the rounds fired.

  9. Tritium says

    Comment section seems to be littered by whiny people and bullied losers that feel like they can finally be the bully. Smells of body odor and musty basement. It's too edgy in here for me.

  10. jas f says

    why worry about the guns when the games a pile of crap my god its awful … yes its a shooting game and guns matter but 30 Chinese female soldiers running around ..

  11. MrPjacky says

    no underbarrel grenade luncher? hmmm. btw i do not why the messed up the classes and weapons. BF4 have the best weapon customization and options…

  12. basedstem says

    1:19 damn that trigger looks well done

  13. Tuomas Viertola says

    Yes Suomi kp/31 is a finnish gun. The full name in english is Finland machine pistol/31. The number 31 means the year it's manufacturing started at Tikkakoski factories. Kp is short from konepistooli. So the full name in finnish is Suomi konepistooli/31.

  14. Daniel Molina says

    We need a tompson and a m1 grand at least

  15. Reddsoldier says

    I like how the modeled the KE-7 correctly. IRL it was able to change mags without charging the gun!

    Yet they go off and remove scope flashes and suppression is reduced to a visual effect… Well done DICE..

  16. Johan Lunau says


  17. Loomis says

    Why the hell do we know everything about the beta before this garbage game has even released?

  18. Sepulchre13 says

    The sten feels outclassed?!
    slaps my knee and laughs hysterically
    Good one

  19. Cinch McCoy says

    ALL guns analyzed in 12 minutes. Where is the teamplay gun at? The gun that when equipped makes the support and medic actually do there job. Levelcap is a games changer alright as he is part of the reason that battlefiedl now sucks so badly

  20. cardude1992 says

    3 shot kill dmr? What a joke.

  21. Body Counter says

    ZH-29 is Czech REEEEEEEEE 😀

  22. Barebare kun says

    I loved ZH-29 it made Recon my most played class after that FG42 ruined my support days I can't hit shit with it.
    I only use Bren Gun and M30 Drilling.

  23. Okult Alkymist says

    i will never understand why arcade shooters like this make bolt action rifles 2 shot kills lol.

  24. SandmanCam says

    people hate when someone says a magazine is a clip, but nobody noticed that the SMLE has a clip feed system, but he called it a magazine?

  25. chase the guy you don't know says

    2:41 says it's got a ten round magazine as he uses clips

  26. xXGhost DragonXx says

    People complain about the dumbest things, "Oh its world war two why are there reflex sights?" Because its a fucking video game.

  27. Drinkyoghurt says

    All the smg's are basically the same which makes no sense. Why have 3 guns which are basically just 1? Also, the reflex on assault and support classes is way too dark, can't see anything through it so I use ironsights or medium scope instead.

  28. Michael Kenyon says

    the stens accuracy is such BS. given to short sight radius, its just stupid at range.

  29. Michael Kenyon says

    ive played grand operations 10 times. maybe more.
    and i've never played as defender.
    the sound in this game is dogshit.
    yeah ill maybe get it before xmas for half the price.

  30. Cowboy Texas says

    Medic class feels broken to me , guns are under powered. Wish revives were faster like bf3. If no one healed before, hell not one single person will pick u up in this game lol

  31. FREEZIE GAMEZ says

    The sten is ridiculous

  32. Jack Hackett says

    There surely gonna be more guns than there are currently isn't there?

  33. B0omer96 says

    Beta guns for a beta game.

  34. Major Ballss says

    I really like the Gewher 43 in the beta.

  35. vinnyisntgud says

    going from bf4 to bf5, I feel like none of the game sense transferred. BF1 I felt like I was playing a dlc, but BF5 feels like a completely different game with movement

  36. Tommy Fresh says

    Played beta for 1 hour. Uninstalled. RIP bf.

  37. acolyte04 says

    This game gets more and more like COD with every iteration. DICE has really fucked up this time. They’ve been on a downward trend since Hardline. The game wouldn’t even be a good DLC (banned word in the game chat!) for BF1. It’s dying quicker than a black guy in a horror movie. Sad to see. But you’ll still get the lemmings who blindly swallow it as “amazing”.

  38. E.V.X says

    Do weapons not have higher ttk close up? How does a pistol out damage ar?

  39. Brandon Smith says

    The Suomi is the best gun in the medic class bro. You can put a 50 round mag on it in the beta.

  40. ‘MuricanEagle says

    bfv actually fully copied cod ww2 now this is undeniable, cod may have taken the idea of going back than going forward in time when they made cod ww2 after bf1 came out but just now look at this bfv is the cod ww2 clone except its battlefield and not cod. I bet its going to be worse than cod because ea and micro transactions. At least activision has simmered down with the unfair MT system.

  41. xRiptidez says

    This is already by far my favorite BattleField game

  42. Jbeck8524 says

    What I find strange is how in battlefield 1 all I wanted was a good semi auto rifle for the assault class but now I want more full auto

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