All Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation Startups (Unused Brand ID)


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Startups from Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One X, unused brand ID, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS3 Slim, PS3 Super Slim, PSP, PS Vita, PS4, Famicom Disk System, N64 DD, GameCube, Wii, Wii U, Switch, GBA, DS, and 3DS.
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  1. LucioOh5 says

    1:51 Would've been funny if he added the red screen instead.

  2. reset flowery says

    I guess I were the only one who didn’t knew there was a Xbox Blue Edition

  3. Margo Orlov says

    I have playstation 3 with super slim

  4. Kacper Kowalczyk says

    3:59 Who expected a meme ? XD

  5. Yuna - Skyler says

    3:554:04 OMG the Game cube is in 0,25 like a Horror Music😂

  6. Frkgast0 says

    2:08 my childhood

  7. Shadow Guy says


  8. Blank Space says

    the blue xbox 360 startup screen looks so nice

  9. Glitchy says

    1:10 to 1:33 why didn't they use this?

  10. Harrish Mapping says

    I 💙 Blue

  11. Gabriel Playz says

    Xbox blue is fake

    Ban me now 🙂

  12. William Heard Animations says

    Ps4s loading screen is boring compared to the other consoles

  13. Spyder Soup says

    That is true about the blue version of the 360 logo, I did research on this and there was a blue Xbox 360 that was sold for a limited time, and it's really rare to find nowadays and it did have that startup animation.

  14. Naturally-_ Trash says


  15. RIP Hyper says

    The Wii had the best one 😂

  16. LilHooligan 1026 says

    The Wii U blinded tf out of me

  17. Toxic Rainbow says

    I loved the 360 start up as a kid I still do I just hate the fighting of Xbox and Ps4


    Who remembers Arms?

  19. GodlyPotat0 671 says

    The unused xbox one intro looked amazing, why didn't they use it?

  20. Darius Brown says

    3:55 meme time

  21. Carlo Zarosi says

    You forgot the dsi

  22. Arizion81xx says

    0:27 thats the shit ik and luv
    man nostalgia

  23. Sergio Hidalgo says

    You forgot dsi

  24. Marvin Benallie says

    I remember playing on PS2, to PS3, to XBOX 360, to PS4, and finally to PC. The journey I had with different consoles was awesome and these startups were nostalgic. Im 15 (almost 16)

  25. bruh says

    4:09 woa throw back

  26. Agent 3 .SSBU. says

    3:53 I was expecting a meme

  27. Dying Light Tutorials says

    2:30 brought back memories

  28. LinkCanBackflip says

    N O S T A L G I A

  29. Amanda Saint says

    You forgot the Nintendo 2ds

  30. edward burke kennedy says

    Head phone warning

  31. Yaaa Memz My dude says

    I remember the good old days of the unused brand ID.

  32. end dude Gaming YT says

    I like the unused brand id

  33. Coytt Chiarolanza says

    I knew there would be a comment about the gamecube one

  34. Cuphead 2005 says

    Which of these consoles is older?

  35. Naga The Hedgehog says

    The unused brand Id for xbox seems to he great

  36. WLLfortheWIN says

    4:13 i got so much nostalgia holy shi* i remember when I was little and i go my first console and it was the wii and i went from wii to wii U to xbox one to xbox one S and now I use a pc for gaming

    that took me way back

  37. XXDabCat90x’s Son says

    4:45 Am I the only one who feels poor

  38. Energy Luis says

    2:39 I remember ps3 it was so fun on bo2 and gta 5

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