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  1. Anon amous says

    Of course American produced aluminum is going to benefit. Trump's tariffs effectively made it non-profitable to import aluminum. YOU the consumer are going to pay more for aluminum products because of more expensive American aluminum. I can't believe you people are so damn stupid!

  2. Lancelot Lancelot says

    Lol look at Shapiro with his Red Cap

  3. J Aitken says

    The number of jobs created are a fraction of the number of jobs that have already been lost, plus costs are going to go up for Americans. Overall it's a loss.

  4. Brett Thomas says

    Socialism in action! Tariff walls building an artificial economy and for how long? Until Americans get tired of paying higher and higher prices for everything. The Walmart success story. Buy cheap sell cheap and they will come!

  5. Daniel Green says

    TRUMPTARDS to the rescue again. You idiots don't get it. The tariffs are temporary . What's going to happens when the tariff is lifted. The same thing that happened before, your sorry ass will be out of a job. You people don't understand simple economics. Cant wait for the bubble to pop and all you morons see how simple minded your POTUS is.

  6. TheRetiredtrucker says

    Aluminum plants benefiting from artificially high prices for their product, every company that has to buy the more expensive aluminum and steel suffers, several are closing/laying off…… Trump is punching America in the dick

  7. don speer says

    The truth of the matter is we helped rebuild the world after WWII. Other countries got complacent and other countries like China took advantage of us. It is long over due that we take care of ourselves while these Socialist/Communist freeloaders take a hike and suffer. We cannot support their failed economic system any longer. Soon these countries won’t have an economy and then they’ll hopefully wake up throw socialism into the trash. Seriously, they can go fuck themselves until they embrace capitalism and even the trading field.

  8. grin and bear it - says

    Spokane Washington has the Mead plant that's been shut down for about 20years. Let's see it fire Beck up.

  9. BonnieBlue2A says

    Putting American citizens back to work again! I’d rather pay more for American made products than continue to fund China’s military growth.

    The long game is to do away with the income tax (slave labor) and return to tariffs paying this nation’s debts. This is how the wars of central banks are cut off at the head.

  10. AbelieverofourLord says

    Funny, the Chinese MSM channels are reporting that the US metal business' are suffering, along with the auto industries too… Propaganda = CGTN & CBC

  11. Marseilles Vieux says

    American made is the best, good thing Trump got rid of the liberals red tape. America is starting back up, no one can hold America back when it’s running correctly.

  12. trha2222 says

    Obama said these jobs were gone forever.

  13. kerry the truth says

    Love chess mastermind TRUMP😂😂👌

  14. Katrina Marie Harper Again.3 says

    Amen. Thank You President Trump for making Miracles.

  15. Alexandre Juillet says

    boo trump cant run on the free market ticket and screw people over on tariffs. these guys make 400k a year..avg consumer gets screwed ..

  16. Redscope says

    Obama did the same with tires trade issue a few years ago. He saved 2,100 jobs in the tire business but over all lost 17,000 jobs in the retail as the price of making the tires when up. If the price of american goods go up 20% due to increased production costs then people buy less. That leads to less demand for Aluminum so you end up back where you started. At the moment we are in a boom but once that is over these tariffs are going to hurt.

  17. George Tow says

    President Trump is very good for business. Why? Because this is The Winning America First President! Trump 2020

  18. Richard says

    As usual… MAGA

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