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  1. QuesoTheKid says

    What kind of mini does he use?

  2. Will Carpenter says

    Good to see the big names staying humble and carrying their own discs.

  3. john reynolds says

    This i s so stupid lol wtf

  4. zen babaloo says

    Is he world champion because he's the only one playing?

  5. TechnologicallyMad says

    Idk he looks pretty big to me

  6. 300hiker says

    How can he be the 2018 champion when the event won’t happen till the end of this month (Sept )? It’s being held about a half hour from where I live, in Manheim, Pa.

  7. David Davidson says

    who fucking forehands a mini.. sorry calling bs here.

  8. T.J. Straub says

    Next time don’t cheat to win

  9. wolfsbro2 says

    Needs Big Sexy Commentary

  10. sakkeboy87 ear says

    You are bullshit bitch

  11. Douglas Loeb says

    his reaction to that first putt. legit

  12. Zach Stuefen says

    Broke so many rules during this event, his win should be forfeit. Pdga is a joke.

  13. Zach Stuefen says

    **world champion

  14. OneManAndHesDetector says

    That or He's 20 ft Tall !! 😉

  15. Malte R. says

    How do u mark ur lie?

  16. TheRaellz says

    This is how Big Jerm feels when he plays.

  17. William Haenni says

    Dude threw and putt cleaner than a majority of my rounds….

  18. FearTheWeird300 says

    Title text here

  19. Mat White says

    Bad back

  20. Eric Beich says

    If you watch this when you are really high, Anthony is like.. huge!!!!!

  21. Scott Douglas says

    Nice course you set up.I like the layout.

  22. zvenzzon00 says

    The timing of the release of this video is hilarious.

  23. MrDuntus says

    The absolute antithesis of entertainment

  24. Jackson Meyer says

    I bet he's retired now because of all the money he won. I'm super jealous.

  25. familydinner1 says

    Can we please get some 1x signature stamps please! Specifically the frame at 0:14

  26. alan fetta says

    Did they change the rules for teeing off? Didn’t know you could take a walk up

  27. Xander Zaretzit says

    Where was this being played?

  28. Bro Heme says

    Based on what I saw I'm pretty sure Anthony could beat me just playing a mini while I played my entire bag. I am now quitting disc golf.

  29. Frank Reynolds says

    Shouldn't he be using a regular disc as his marker?

  30. Donovan Creamer says

    I don’t know why but this made me laugh the whole time

  31. tiasboi3able says

    Can we get an "In the Bag" episode of your discs?

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