ARK EXTINCTION – Managermr SECRET ABILITY! Several creatures just became obsolete!


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ARK EXTINCTION – Managermr SECRET ABILITY! Several creatures just became obsolete!

Hey everyone, in this video I will show you one of many secrets I have come across. These are going to be worth taking to other maps when Wildcard opens up transfers. I have prerecorded many secrets hidden in the map and creatures on other maps. Be sure to stay tuned as we share them with you.

Thank you so much for watching. We truly appreciate each and every one of you!


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  1. Mr Unknown says

    just call it Mr.Manager from its name… if you guys realise it..

  2. Ellierienna says

    This and the snow owl are legitimately my two favorite additions from Extinction. They are two of my favorite creatures PERIOD now. The rest of the expansion can be garbage and I wouldn't care, because I love them so god damn much.

  3. Kyle McGarity says

    Oh my freaking god thats cool. Ugh. Sucks this drops the same week as fallout 76. Got pass and everything but wont play til i need a break from that. So cool tho

    (On console. Stupid consoles got delayed lol)

  4. teddy bunkers33 says

    😰😱😍 i need one yesterday. πŸ’ͺπŸ‘

  5. Ivegonefishing says

    You could get into some real trouble if you get stuck on some eels (or a bunch of sharks) or a squid grabs you while you stop to grab a loot crate.

  6. It's Mr steal yo high ground says

    5:57 just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming swimming swimming

  7. Piercedwolf Karma says

    7 minutes to find out it swims fast? Thats it? …ok…thanks…I guess.

  8. Leon Montroy says

    Can it be electrocuted amd dismount you

  9. brandon lloyd says

    I knew these would be beastly in water. Great vid

  10. elweasel2010 says

    And what happens when a Jellyfish sneaks up on you when you are in the cave?

  11. jakeholland12 says

    Is muffin in your tribe on official ?

  12. Red Aruto says

    Finally someone made this

  13. Whos Soakedd says

    Ark is dead unfortunately I have 250 days played β€œark is a hell of a drug”

  14. Joel Pena says

    Wwwooooowwwww ccooooooolllllllllllll

  15. TeamBrandistock says

    for all you saying this thing is terrible in pvp, you dont know anything
    you can freeze gigas.. let that sink in… in a giga line you freeze enemy giga and you win. these arent meant to be in the front lines

  16. Caffeine Fueled Cat says

    Cant wait to see you do a breeding video for mutations and colors.

  17. Jigsaw says

    lol I have a console user question: How does it compare in speed to a mosa? It seems faster than a squid. Also, I am assuming Jellyfish will still knock you off?

  18. Spirit Of Gaming says

    Managarmr* I love this dude though. πŸ‘ Thank you for the info.

  19. donald bell says

    What if a jellyfish hits you

  20. Dalton Booth says

    I call this the doggo wyvern πŸ˜€

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