Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Nintendo Switch vs Xbox One X Graphics Comparison

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I bet not many gamers was suspecting that Assassin’s Creed Odyssey will be playable on Nintendo Switch. And yet Ubisoft has managed to deliver it to this hybrid console in Japan as Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Cloud version. Which is something similar to what Capcom did with Resident Evil 7.
IGN Japan has published the best video gameplay I could find, thanks to wich we can check what kind of difference Switch version has to offer in terms of graphics.
Please note that due to Cloud based technology the graphics looks quite muddy and obscure however it’s really easy to spot that there are a lot of differences in sphere of lightning, draw distance and texture details.

This is a small glimpse of the gameplay so for full 20 minutes please check IGN’s video here:

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  1. Americans, Etc want this for switch not Asian countries. Bring this to western countries

  2. I think a lot of people here aren't realizing that this is cloud streamed. That means it does not actually run on the Switch. The Switch just runs a video feed from a server far away. There are various advantages and disadvantages to this but generally if you have the hardware to do it, it will always look and play better – the only thing you are getting away from is downloading and patching times. The controls will be laggier and less responsive than the real thing. Also the image quality will be lesser because of video compression. And both will vary based on your internet speed. The actual in game asset quality could be worse, the same or better depending on what settings Ubisoft is actually running with at their end but much of that detail will be masked by the video compression and output resolution of the Switch itself especially on its own screen. Is it impressive? Not really. Streaming has been around for a while. It was impressive when it came out. If the rumours of future hardware from people like Microsoft that does partial cloud streaming and a lot of local stuff to combat lag is true, that will be great. On a side note, a comparison like this is very hard to show because you have Youtube compression completely throwing it off. In real life, the difference between Switch video stream and razor sharp local gameplay will be larger.

  3. Some people thought this was native from the switch while it was streamed
    They try too say the switch has the worst graphics whilst it obviously look better because the pc that streamed the game to the switch has better settings

    Bias little shits complaining about 4K hdr tv

    Two words
    F U C K
    Y O U

  4. They both look good enough. If you’re the type of person who judges games based off their graphics, grow up.

  5. Last time I took a look at the Nintendo console it was the Wii. So I came in with really low expectations. The switch did an amazing job!

  6. FOR ALL YOU IDIOTS IN THE COMMENTS:It's a Cloud/Streamed version of the game. This means the switch is a good streaming device but it ISN'T running the game at all, it's just mirroring some PC. This is the dumbest idea of a game for a portable console.

  7. Ubisoft released switch version coz the next assassin's creed is gonna be set in japan

  8. There's something fishy going on with this comparison. The one x version looks weird on here. Like a the color has been stripped from it. I went back and replayed that battle part at the beginning and on this video it looks washed out and you can hardly see the shadows, when I play it it looks Soo much cleaner, colors much more vibrant and the shadow contrast is nice and dark like they're supposed to be. I even watched this on my same tv that I play my one x on and It just doesn't look the same. I'm not ready to call bullshit quite yet but the one x version I'm playing looks much better than on here. Not sure about the switch but it looks a lot better than I ever would have thought. Every switch game I've ever seen being played looks like a low res version of the other consoles so they must have worked some magic on this game

  9. Ну для свитча очень хорошо. Раз многие ПК за 50к рублей, с таким графоном как на свитч, хуже тянут.

  10. Is Mr Glass a retailer selling 4khdr tv?

  11. Just wait for this game or a newer version running thru x cloud on like a note 10 or galaxy s10 plus using my Xbox one x controller. Can't be more excited. Screw console handhelds then.

  12. in future, all nintendo switch will streaming only. because its hardware can't handle future games requirements. only flash games that come in physical media.

  13. Wtf there is no assassin creed for switch and you fools guys look as your comments

  14. You can have weaker hardware for streaming. What I would like to see is the game running from the hardware and not streaming as this is not really like for like

  15. You can honestly run any graphical settings when the game runs at 540p

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