Battlefield 5 Review and New Gameplay ( Battlefield V )


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Battlefield 5 Review. The gameplay is brilliant, but is this the new Battlefield WW2 Game that everyone wanted? Let’s take an extensive look at this beautiful game. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. Presented by EA Gamechangers.

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  1. jackfrags says


  2. THE CRAZY GUY says

    Why do you only get one grenade it's so stupid you can not even replenish them ,it's so dumb

  3. Entice says

    This game is fun!

  4. Fede Berdún says

    DAMN you talk a fucking lot

  5. M Szczepaniak says

    Thanks for the vid, made my mind up after and bought the game

  6. CTMG4M3NG says

    Bf5 nah I'm just watching battlefield 1 with a battle royale more

  7. Fäderneslandet says

    Looks like a prettified Fortnite.

  8. ll Skyzx ll says

    Just make Bf5 the one on from Bf4

  9. ll Skyzx ll says

    It's a shit game

  10. A2 Bedi says

    I’ve just burned my copy to flames (*as I havnt played anything shittier than this) …have you ?

  11. jaysoegaard says

    Jesus I love your videos u can say buy a game and I will buy it. Awesome gameplay clips

  12. everss02 says

    I just want BF1942 on frostbite no other changes! No BR, no revival crap!

  13. kaidan alexander says

    got the game then the next day i got a huge scratch on it 🙁

  14. Echo says

    TBF they said they wanted to show other conflicts with unseen battles that are under represented.

  15. Ben 69 says

    as always cod will have more sales even tho its no where near as good,
    a ww2 game done good. no actually amazing

  16. Chuck Buskee says

    Is it realistic to the time period? Fuck no!
    Is it lacking in content? Very much.
    But is it overall a fun game? Hell yes!

  17. The Sneakyfox says

    (No other games) Heroes and Generals free on steam – still getting BFV though

  18. Toffluss says

    where do i get the game on pc?

  19. James Snyder says

    idk people sit through your boring ass voice. i fell asleep three times eating this video 😴😴

  20. boi walker says

    I like the game I really do, it just feels incomplete but they will update some more I’m sure of it yea they had a rough time with the game and people Ranting about Girl screaming or idk but i think they will update it idk when though…

  21. Felix Trejo says

    I like it just got it But it took me two days just to download it to my PS4 for all the gigabytes that it needed anyways was my first battle field game that I will but I’m not gonna lie it’s awesome

  22. FAZE-META says

    Are u sick or u talk like this all the time?

  23. JustinCaseDK says

    Much love Jack! <3 I just purchased BFV on Origin sales. Thanks to this review 🙂 (on a sidenote, I also did purchase the BF1 and Titanfall2 bundle, cuz well xD)

  24. Ron Farah says

    You couldn’t be more right about wanting the real feel of WW2. The Normandy landings, Stalingrad, and many other major details should have been packed into this game. The online gameplay alone is why I bought this.

  25. SWOOBAT IS HERE says

    It's pretty fun but like the women and the colors and a few other hings but it's generally fun

  26. spacemanjupiter says

    The conversation starting around 12:00 is exactly why I am not buying this game. I've been playing WW2 shooters since MOHAA and before, and of course I've seen plenty of movies. BFV just doesn't feel like WW2. Considering that I've been waiting for WW2 to come back to Battlefield for a VERY long time, I am utterly disappointed in the fact that so many elements that should make this feel like WW2 have been left out or butchered. I'm going to have to rely on games like Hell Let Loose to fill these holes for me because I realize now that Battlefield is never going to do it.

  27. Ichigo Kurosaki says

    This game was trash

  28. Tanner Barry says

    R u kidding me?!!??! There is no Americans or Russians?! They’re the ones I really wanted to see!!! 😡

  29. John-Ethan Baez says

    Who else feels like bfv shoulda been vietnam?

  30. ming storm says

    This game is the worst ever bf released

  31. Dick McBladder says

    Wouldn't pay a dime for this carbage. Got it free with the new RTX card. It crashes all the time despite all the "fixes" I have done. Oh and thank God there are no cheaters in BFV XD

  32. I AM ZORG says


  33. Matt Oliverio says

    100% agree with what youre saying around 13 mins. Im 30, and grew up with those more "real" ww2 games you mention so it seems BF5 would disappoint. Think Ill wait before I return to PC shooters. Still pretty satisfied with crysis3 if I get the urge 😀

  34. Matthew Mooar says

    After playing it for a day or two its almost like playing a whole new series of shooter. I really like the new gameplay just like bf1 it is going to take time to build skill and overall they took it to another level of shooter again !!!

  35. Chance The Rapper says

    The game's not historically inaccurate if you don't know anything about history…

  36. Chance The Rapper says

    If you own this game, what would you rate it out of 10?

  37. BakerImageGroup says

    Dice should have created a modern shooter update to BF4, then come back and revisit WWII. It's just too soon and too similar to BF1 in terms of time period, terrain etc.

  38. The Wolverine says

    the didnt put things like d day in it yet because of cod ww1 last year and theyre probably waiting another half to a years time

  39. Evenity says

    Skyrim ? Or Bf5 ?

  40. Harsh Patil says

    What console are you playing this on ?

  41. Techno Kreep says

    BF5 Or Bf1??? REPLY ASAP!!!

  42. Um Ahmed says

    Hmmm… u said the exact same shit when bf1 resaled

  43. Ed Gein says

    shit game dont buy

  44. Lucy Blue says

    I'm a WW2 enthusiast and I'm thinking about trying out one of the Battlefield games. It seems that 5 is less than historically accurate though. Can anyone please give me some advice on which, in their opinion, is the best one of the series for me to start with? I'm a beginning gamer but I do love either the European theater or the Pacific for storylines.

  45. Tumbleweed says

    Yeah I hate the "getting stuck against little bits of scenery" bug. It's been around at least since BF3. How many avoidable deaths have I suffered from getting stuck against a twig lol. What annoyed me with BF1 was the vehicle re-spawn bug. I used to have some good tactics with the vehicles but on some maps, the vehicle would not spawn back if you got destroyed. I would have a vehicle full of players and have good long sprees at capping flags and harassing the other team and when you did get destroyed, the vehicle would never spawn back at the spawn and that's the end of that. Bit of a game breaker on some maps for me. I did find new tactics that didn't involve the vehicles but it was way less fun. Just a shame BF suffers from irritations like this else it would be a really good game instead of a good game.

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