BEST Fortnite Console Settings for GRAPHICS! BEST Ps4/Xbox One Fortnite Settings (Fortnite Season 7)


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Fortnite BEST SETTINGS for Ps4/Xbox one Players in Season 7 in Fortnite Battle Royale! Best Sensitivity, ADS Scope Sensitivity & Building Sensitivity in Fortnite Battle Royale Season 7. As well as best color blind settings for the BEST graphics!

Fortnite BEST SETTINGS for PS4/XBOX PLAYERS in SEASON 7 in Fortnite Battle Royale! Best Sensitivity, ADS Scope Sensitivity & Building Sensitivity in Fortnite Battle Royale Season 7.


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    You make aim look easy

  2. Dark Snypr says

    You didn’t need to make a 10 minute video that should’ve been 2

  3. ElectricPurple PizzaaTiger says

    How bout xbox one s?

  4. igotbannedzz__ _ says

    Ps4 < xbox 1 xbox 1 x < ps4 pro

  5. LOXUMNS 2.0 says

    And Swich??

  6. sAsi BaxY says

    Xbox gamertag

  7. NLgames says

    I have ps4 slim does it work

  8. RealAirBoi SG says

    Humor got a support a Creator?

  9. TVS zPublic says


  10. Avlox says

    10 minutes for this video just get to the point lmao

  11. XxV0ID Z0MB 1BExX says

    When u lose connection;(

  12. Taci Champkins says

    Xbox name is Destiny001YT x

  13. Snacksized Gaming says

    BH Scarf

  14. Shrek Daddy says

    In a nutshell…

    Turn your brightness up and use an elgato you're welcome

  15. Fizz Dot says

    Is it bad to be on colorblind!

  16. Damijay jones says


  17. Sootherto says

    My Xbox Caretrinzz Epic:Caretrinzzzz

  18. H4ppyK says

    I wont normally do this cause ive never won and never will but my gamertags are
    xbox gt is :H4ppyK:
    epic gt :H4ppyKreal:

  19. Ricardo Aguilar says


  20. Josia Shalom says

    Epic –> Josiashalom10

  21. vRecxption says

    what if you have a 4k tv

  22. Crystal Murphy says

    Xbox strivingshaq

  23. TOBAL 002 says

    i use 7 tritanopia colorblind and 0,40 brightness is really good,and i up contrast …etc



  25. Kaedon Dillon says

    Hey, good work on the channel man thanks for your tips and settings it has been improving my gameplay a lot !

  26. Robo Assassin says

    Gt Robo Assassin

  27. Jg Griffin says

    My name snipermel48

  28. Rahila Sarfraz says

    Like if younghumor is the best console player

  29. jaydee gaming robloxx says

    I liked and sub my user is xbox username is GentleCandy3345

  30. Rafael Roman says


  31. NedEws _ says

    M9 NedEws

  32. NesChay_NGL says

    Can anyone tell me the settings?It'll really help since im not from a english speaking country i don't understand his english completely so can someone reply me the settings he says in the video?He's graphics settings are really good.

  33. FazDoesMemes says

    My Xbox gamer tag is

  34. Aiden Hall says

    xd ur_mad_lol (epic games account)

  35. DiverZT says

    Ok these are the graphics power levels on console lmao
    1-xbox one x
    2-ps4 pro
    4-Xbox one
    5-Xbox one s
    A lot of people think the Xbox one s has better graphics and frame rate than the normal Xbox one but no, it’s the opposite idiots S stands for slim and it has less power you can compare it by yourself and I’m right so if you looking to buying an Xbox one I would just buy the Xbox s for the eon bundle
    And don’t fuck at me I’ve been playing on Xbox since the original one I have used every Xbox ever so shut the fuck up
    You’re welcome

  36. chalklutstar says

    Xbox gamertag youngking8972

  37. John Wick says

    You Are The Best Fortnite Player YoungHumor Happy New Year To Everyone Too 🙂

  38. John Wick says

    My Gamer Tag On PS4 Is Rokomon And That Is Also My Epic Account Too 🙂 You Are My Favourite Youtuber YoungHumor And I Have Never Won A V-Buck Giveaway From You So I'm Hoping To Win This One 🙂 I've Also Followed Your Rules Too! Use Code YoungHumor In The Item Shop Because He Is The Best 🙂

  39. Hector Cisneros says

    this vid is full of banter and ads. nice 10 min mark.

  40. Gabriel Ndisengei says


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