Better than Acupuncture? We Tried Ear Seeding! | The SASS with Susan and Sharzad


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We’ve tried acupuncture a few times on The SASS, but we’ve never done ear seeding before! That’s why we met up with Mona Dan at V/Rituals by Vie Healing to learn all about this treatment. It’s meant to help with stress, hormone balance, PTSD, pain, and so much more. Plus, it looks super pretty!

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Learn more about V/Rituals by Vie Healing here:

Buy 24k gold ear seeds to try at home here:

Treatment Cost: $30

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Mixed Makeup:
Sharzad Kiadeh:
Susan Yara:

Mixed Makeup:
Sharzad Kiadeh:
Susan Yara:

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  1. psf rose says

    !!! This is utter b.s!!!?

  2. Mariah Woods says

    They look like pirces

  3. psf rose says

    How come majority of ppl here are calling out dis treatment yet both sharzad n a susan love dis treatment

  4. charleen hopkins says

    can,t sleep with on though

  5. kayy says

    tf is this

  6. m subb says

    Lemme put my seeds in your ears

  7. ey zach says

    lol this is for rich people that have nothing better to waste their money on

  8. Phoebe and Nicki says

    There’s simply no way this does anything

  9. Alekxandra Lopez says

    Placebo haha

  10. Black River Slimes says

    starts at 3:40

  11. Annie Nguyen says

    Placebo effect lmfaoooo

  12. Keiara Pham says

    So we’re just creating bullshit to scam the poor people

  13. littlechiyo says

    Girl no. Just….no.

  14. Kara says

    So essentially she's just putting stickers in your ear and probably charging you a lot of money. How does a sticker create a pressure point?🤔

  15. josie gonzalez says

    How much this cost !?

  16. CNielsenPhotos says

    Why does it feel like Sharzad is trying soooo hard to be relateable

  17. Aino Sohlman says

    I first tought they were pimples😂

  18. AliMay says

    Looks like lil whiteheads in your ears

  19. Mone Mel says

    Ear seeding is indeed magical! It makes your wallet lighter and lighter with each treatment👍

  20. Anna K says

    Earpimples that trigger your body to scan itself….. uhu… suuuuuure

  21. Anna K says

    So….. a bit fo gold is put at certain places on the ear… lightly pressed once…. and that is supposed to make a discernible difference in how you feel……


    And in the meantime: it looks like you’re having ear pimples.

    Also… 30 dollars…. for the treatment AND the seeds which are supposed to be 24 karat gold….. hmmmmyeah…. this is definitely a scam.

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