Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Gameplay Using Xbox One Elite Controller!


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In this video I bring you Black Ops 3 multiplayer gameplay using the Xbox One Elite Controller. Recorded on the day after release of BO3. I鈥檓 really enjoying Black Ops 3 so far, let me know in the comments section what you think of it! 馃檪

Link to my unboxing and review of the Microsoft Xbox One Elite Controller:

Link to my explanation of what longer thumbsticks on a controller actually do:

My guide to the Elite Controller App and how to configure the controller (shows setup used in this video):

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  1. Birendra Khatiwada says


  2. Edward Aziria says

    U dnt even jump y use an elite controller lol

  3. Kyle Selby says

    I'm buying it for $150

  4. angel gonzalez says

    is it worth the buy

  5. Sarthak Turakhia says

    Did you play on PC?

  6. Alan Macartney says

    Keep these vids up mate

  7. xboxgamer says

    I have this controller I聽got it with the Elite console bundle. It's a little heavier than the regular controller. This game聽any better than Advanced Warfare?

  8. jahmal Chitto says

    some dude went 0-5 dats funny

  9. oliverpage83 says

    Try Flubit for an Elite Controller.

  10. Morro gaming says

    You're not taking advantage of that controller. Jumping is a big advantage in this game, Jump shots will save you from dying. You can jump while still aiming with this controller. If you don't think jumpshots are a big part of this game you should go watch some professional players and how they react in close range gun battles. Still good video though, you have a like from me

  11. Bohden Meshkowitz says

    scuf is better

  12. 30mmBallistic says

    Quick swap is your friend…

  13. Harry Mcivor says

    Wow, very underrated channel.

  14. Brett B says

    Do you use the bottom or top paddle on the left to jump?

  15. Official RaG3 Clan says

    Hey man I love your content can I add you on xbox one we might be able to play together and record because I record as well bo3

    Please reply and tell me your gamer tag

  16. JoshGamerXP says

    your good

  17. Dsince90s says

    Where did you get your controller and for how much? its soo expensive everywhere, everyone is selling them for more than retail (拢119.99)

  18. irishtempah says

    can i just say how have you not played that map yet got a boa red site you need a high ish gun level to get that. Also think you need to jump around more and play higher sensitivity, I play tactical so paddles would be used for stab and jump, I dont see any advantage to your play style for this controller. Just my opinion thumbs up for review though

  19. Danocitric says

    how often do you accidently hit the bigger paddles on the back? I'm really interested in getting this controller but I'm afraid they bigger paddles will be really easy to hit and I'll hit them on accident all the time, and that'll be a deal breaker for me.

  20. SgtMajorSav says

    well i guess ill try out this controller tonight! just went to gamestop and traded my xbox one for the elite console and controller. gamestop has a promotion to trade in 500 gb xbox one for $250.00 off of the new 1tb xbox one with elite controller. fine with me because i bought my xbox one for like $260.00 on sale. doubled my size and elite controller for just a couple of bucks more.

  21. SgtMajorSav says

    hopefully they get the elite controllers back in stock soon. for some reason my aim is off on my standard controller. hope the smoother sticks help my aim

  22. SgtMajorSav says

    what sensitivity are you on? vertical and horizontal?

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