Black Ops 4 – FIRST COD 2018 INFO!

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Call of Duty: 2018 – Our first piece of info on what to expect next year…
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  1. 9,000,000 subscribers.. 😀

  2. First I thought it was the black ops 4 gameplay. I got scared because the graphics wasn’t that good and I preordered the game yesterday.

  3. Same old same, nothing different, only difference is no jump suit,

  4. Hello my friends My channel is all about video games
    Subscribe please

  5. Boots 👢 or jet packs on bo4 ? Ppl saying different

  6. I feel like Mw4 is gonna be better than Black ops 4.

  7. COD BO2 full hack BO4 ? Full hack ? Systems easy hack in 4 continued?

  8. ubisoft: far cry, assassin creed

    activision: call of duty, call of duty

  9. I just want a game like mw3 mw2 Black ops 1

  10. Maybe/hopefully it will be a mix of both. Boots on ground however for all the jump fans, maybe a few different game modes in multiplayer. This will give both crowds a happy result.

  11. I hope cod will make something trending!!!! Cod fan😊😊
    Remember to put the boot and butt on the ground!!!

  12. Killstreak ideas: a10 air strike with strafe run.

    Controllable ah6 little bird with mini guns.

    Controllable guided shell barrage.

    Cruise missile strike that has large radius and kills players inside buildings.

    F15 strike eagle cockpit view with 6 precision selectable jdam bombs before flying over map.

    Abrams tank from selectable point outside the map with main cannon and machine gun thermal vision

  13. Love call of duty got all games cant get enough of them. Put it back to basic jumping around boosting about hated it what a let down….

  14. Orosbu çocuğu lan madem black ops 2 yi gösterecen black ops 4 niye yazıyon amk çocuğu

  15. If it hasn’t got the original headquarters game mode with captures and defends, if it hasn’t got tomahawks then it’s not worth buying. The best COD was the one with the levels called “summit” and “firing range”

  16. Omg PLEASE BE LIKE BO2 ! No flying bullshit!! LOVE LOVE BO2

  17. No more halo flying. Boots on the ground.

  18. Or it can't released. Donald Trump want to ban violent games. Like gta 5 and call of duty.

  19. This is better then COD Infinite Warfare, it was the worst game ever made.

  20. *When you realize that the date this was posted peoples lives were in the hands of Al-Queda*…. meh i wanna see this vid

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