WVU Football Dana Holgorsen David Sills Syracuse Postgame 12/28/18

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West Virginia head coach Dana Holgorsen and wide receiver David Sills break down the Mountaneers’ 34-18 loss to Syracuse

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  1. Im Glad Holgersen is gone. I didn't like him. However, he was a great offensive mind and that drew in some really good offensive players. We need an offensive specialist as head coach because its hard enough to get recruits to come to WVU. And I wish Lyons would consider getting the hell out of the BIG 12 cuz we are getting the shaft. Year in year out being in the conference is too political and WVU has nothing coming to them.

  2. I'm more disappointed that Will Grier and the offense coordinator left before final game.

  3. I don't know what you people saw but Sills was either double teamed or tightly covered most of the game.

  4. I never thought Holgerson was a good head coach – mainly because he’s a horrific recruiter and can’t coach defense or fundamentals. And, for God’s sake, Allison threw for almost 300 yds in his first start without key OL and receivers. That’s awesome!!

  5. I also love the comment that Holgorsen and staff haven't "groomed" a quarterback. I think they forget about Geno and Skyler. Geno committed, Skyler transferred. BOTH became much better at what they did at WVU. Geno is in the League, Skyler is on a pro team over seas. And before the comment is made, l guess that makes Devine, and ANY other Mountaineer that played out of country ball bad. But you may as well admit it. If Skyler Howard were able to play, EVERY MOUNTAINEER FAN would have been glad to seen him in the field. Matter of fact, HE was the last quarterback that was on the field that we won a bowl game. So was Sills.

  6. Jack allison stinks looked like a jr high QB sills was open many times if allison is our beat we are in trouble folks plain and simple..

  7. Hats off to you, David Sills V, for sticking with the team through the entire season. Unlike some, you have shown the qualities even more important than physical skill and talent in a football player… character, integrity, and an understanding that the TEAM (and fans) who have supported you, deserve your support through EVERY GAME of the season. Thank you for your commitment, outstanding play, and being a true WV Mountaineer!

  8. Held their own for a half wit half the offense M-I-A
    I can live with that, would've throttled their ass wit our true offense on the field. Allison seemed scared, Grier on the other hand would've put the fear in them
    Couldn't even get sills the ball

  9. Hey, I like this coach. No drowning in excuses and alibis to why they lost. That's a sign of a winner, even in defeat. I am not and wouldn't be happy at all. If my starting QB decided to bail on his team. You play the game and what happens, happens. You stick with the people that gave you a chance to be a potential NFL qb. And I think that hurt WV more than anything Syracuse did to them.

  10. Please find another quarterback for next year so we can have another good season .like Will and sills gave us .thanks guys

  11. Great to see both Sills and Wesco in there through literally the last drive of the game..that's some serious dedication..thanks guys!
    #Always a Mountaineer

  12. spin·mei·ster


    noun INFORMAL

    "another term for spin doctor."

  13. Not enough experience, and too much lacking with holding onto the ball. I fault Holgorsen for one thing: NOT playing Trey Lowe more.

  14. Sills is a better man than me… I would have been ripping the team and everyone a new one when I was asked because he was wide tf open for most of the game and the quartback play was horrible

  15. "What happened in the redzone.. how did they stop you in the redzone 4 times"… hell I can answer that pi$$ poor play calling and not taking advantage of the largest redzone threat reciever in the country as well as pi$$ sorry decision making and quartback play

  16. Thanks Will Grier. Hope you bomb out in the NFL. A sincere thank you to those who did play and for the excellent effort and season

  17. Mad respect for David , would’ve been a different game with the rest of the guys . Sucks , but they gave us times to cheer. Take the good with the bad , next year will be tough

  18. I think we need new faces on the staff and please start with the defensive coordinator. Today, the play calling was not only predictable but horrible. If Holgs will not make the necessary changes then he is not our man.

  19. We need a QB transfer. Allison should be further along as a sophomore. Our second level player development is lacking.

  20. Vintage Holgorsen! End the season with three loses. Lose the last three bowl games and he spins it as great.

  21. 1st thing first, second half you should have put in your duel treat QB Trey, second play call horrible, wild cat? running went to shit when 32 got hurt. some people like me travel to see these games, we need solid game plans. good season tho. and we need to kick the field goals. good job players, coaching C+

  22. wvu looked ok. the new quarterback has serious problems. he is about as mobile as a 30 year old mule. he also telegraphs every pass.
    he needs a lot of work if he is going to play div 1 football.

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