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  1. Lacoda Lynch says

    Yessssss! We have a better chance, Dana holgerson's leave is a blessing in disguise, welcome Neal brown, plus that beechcraft jet is a good addition to the mountaineer air Force

  2. Steven Wilson says

    Great coach but that Marshall looking plane should be set on fire.

  3. Dios Sea Contigo says

    I disagree with previous comment. Coach, win it ALL to include a national championship next year and you can leave, stay, do whatever want to. I’m good with it. Welcome to the state.

  4. Grant Wiley Esq. says

    Welcome coach! Don't view us a stepping stone, but rather your next P5 powerhouse

  5. Mitch Baker says

    Welcome sir….pls don’t win too much and leave

  6. Sam says

    Ive been researching this guy and going to stick my neck out and say this guy is the next Saban,Swinney or Bowden………hes got class like Nehlen and is a positive roll model and has good discipline……..he has a lot of potential………he needs a couple of years to build though….

  7. Gerald Fields says

    WELCOME to WVU Coach Brown!!! Mountaineer Nation is excited!

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