Boise State’s legendary Statue of Liberty play vs. Oklahoma needs a deep rewind | 2007 Fiesta Bowl


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In the 2007 Fiesta Bowl, Boise State and Oklahoma played the greatest college football bowl game ever (as voted by SB Nation’s readers). Each team had desperation comebacks, and it was all capped off by one trick play that deserves a deep rewind.


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  1. ndnsoonerfan says

    I hope Boise states players and HC Peterson get to watch their families fade away in front of them

  2. Shlick Smit says

    This is easily the greatest football game I've ever watched. One of those rare games where, even though I wasn't a fan of either of the teams, I was totally emotionally invested by the end. If you don't lose your mind on that last play you just aren't a football fan.

  3. Daniel Toper says

    that’s the slickest handoff i’ve ever seen

  4. Justen Doyle says

    The 2007 Boise state Broncos are Blue Mountain State

  5. chody says

    This era of Boise football was so fun to watch. I'm an FSU fan, but I remember making sure to never miss a Boise game back then.

  6. zytrik1 says

    Best game ever!!

  7. Steven York says

    Rewind the UGA vs Oklahoma Rose Bowl!

  8. Jackson Smith says

    I totally forgot that Brent Venables coached at OU 😂

  9. Rhett Hathaway says

    It still hurts

  10. Adam Ausaw says

    I forgot about the hook and ladder after the Pick 6. This game was brilliant!

  11. Ph.40 Lowks says

    Know wonder i always heard that bosie was good i just dont ever watch football to know this tight

  12. Thomas Hatfield says

    Does anyone know the music tracks that are used in these videos?

  13. America is the best says

    Look. Theyre good no doubt, but they're playing shitty schools until they get to the bowl games. Its like UCF today.

  14. America is the best says

    Legendary game

  15. ramen_ says

    I've never seen this play before and the fake pass faked me out too lmao

  16. Tijuana says

    Every thumb down is an OU fan.

  17. R.C. JR. says

    Best game my eyes ever watch

  18. Best stuff says

    Do super bowl 51 rewinder

  19. Chillis Willis says

    I truly believe that this game is one of probably 5 that impacted the decision to have a playoff.

  20. Jesse Smithson says

    The OU/ORE onside kick needs a rewind… I mean we recovered the ball for crying out loud. Oh there was no boomer in sooner country that day… I tell yuh

  21. Burt Reynolds says

    This game tore my heart right out of my chest

  22. Cary Stenberg says


  23. Lightning04 Rocks says

    Got to love BSU I live in Boise myself, but still awaiting the really big year.

  24. TheCooPeer says

    I really liked this episode, just after Baker did the same fake lol

  25. Dylan says

    Oklahoma should’ve won that game with ease. Boise State wasn’t that good even at 12-0. That’s why they’re irrelevant now

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