BOSS RAGE! -Reupload- MASTER FORTRESS & CLOUD (Super Smash Bros Wii-U)


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This original video with many other Boss Rage/Fighting History episodes were removed earlier this year due to copyright issues. I’ve been going back to archived classic footage to restore as many old episodes as I can if the original assets were still available. Luckily, I had most of Smash Wii-U BOSS RAGE! I’ll do my best to bring back any others I can. Thanks, dudes.

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  1. MJ 7 says

    Ur dog cute.

  2. Bo Pringle says

    you should do some dead or alive boss rage stuff!

  3. Zack Vilardi says

    Rewatching this just makes me want Master Core in Ultimate

  4. Electronic Flame says

    I remember watching this many years ago thank you for uploading this again this was one of my favorite videos

  5. Bradley Clark says

    1:42 when someone dials 1-800-WUS-HATN

  6. The Banana Melon says

    What’s that song you used in the outro?

  7. 5h0ckblock says

    Anyone else remember being there live frantically typing in the chat to warn him the ball explodes? Good times.

  8. Zolatar Zaeras says

    What's the song playing at the end?

  9. Owen Sze says

    9:04 Stay where you belong in my memories 😂😂

  10. Goob Yaluob says

    Why do the Boss Rages keep getting taken down?

  11. Charles Karter says

    I loved the Mega Man Mastercore one. I've watched that multiple times. Shame it's gone.

  12. Gage Nix says

    So why are so many of the boss rages unwatchable?

  13. Lens Hunter says

    Now I just wanna play FF7

  14. Violet Caster says

    WoL true final boss, hard mode, all abilities off, and no spirit team.

    M A K E I T S O.

  15. Emilio Da Paz says

    I actually beat Nothing Harder with Megaman on my 1st try.

  16. liam gill says

    watching on christmas day

  17. Lakers1978 says

    Anyone watching this on Christmas?

  18. johnny b says

    When can we ths viewers see the other past Boss Rages?

  19. Lord Typh says

    Also, to re-post this again since it's fitting…

    10:00 I will never… be a memory

  20. Lord Typh says

    just to ask, what's your opinion on Final Fantasy 7 Machinabridged? Enjoy it, hate it, or don't even know what it is/watch it?

  21. Chickenalaking says


  22. SaigaTenshi says

    i remember that Cloud boss rage on live stream, Max just turned off his cam until he finally beat the boss XD

  23. Noah Wood says

    We can smile again

  24. Gaienja says

    That ending is the cutest edit I ever did see

  25. Jinn Writer says

    After all this time, still can't get over how funny this video is lol

  26. TKnightcrawler says

    I know this is a reupload, but the reason that sphere killed you is because waiting instead of destroying it easily is how you enter the true final boss form, Master Core. That attack it hit you with is just how it opens the fight. At least I think so; Master Core was part of the 3DS game.

  27. BlizzMRX says

    LETS GOO! My fave boss rage!

  28. Evanator Extreme says


  29. Cutie & Friends Adventures says

    That must've been torture for you. Good thing I didn't have to suffer like you did because firstly, I only have the 3DS version, and secondly, the highest intensity I've managed to beat (without continues) is 6.0 as my main, Kirby (I also did 7.0 as a custom Bowser with no continues used).

  30. John Obiakor says

    Efffffffing funny man!

  31. Takaithepanda says

    The fact he fucking had it and screwed up is so hilarious.

  32. TheIncredibleMasterE says

    Well you did BM him…

  33. Leslie Jones says

    My son loves this video

  34. Discord Chan says

    Super smash bros ultimate maximillian dood boss rage i wanna see that happen in the future

  35. Frankie Bloodshed Gaming says

    Max looks so drastically different without glasses. And Benny is an amazing dog actor!

  36. Edgar A. Poe says

    This is nothing. Shao Kahn boss rage was a 10/10 difficulty.

  37. Penny Washington says

    Christmas in November really it's barely thanksgiving

  38. gundum1o1 says

    I'll never forget how in the Advent Children Movie, seeing for the first time Sephiroth knocking Cloud away sky high reminded me so much of a SUPER Smash Bros knock back and now he's ACTUALLY IN THE GAME and seemingly here to stay?
    (at least for now)

    HELL YEA!!!!!

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