Boxing News | Who Wins Errol Spence OR Manny Pacquiao


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Boxing News | Who Wins Errol Spence OR Manny Pacquiao

Today On Ali Land Boxing Talk we will discussing Boxing News | Who Wins Errol Spence OR Manny Pacquiao
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  1. Jesus Tosim says

    Only advantage of spence to pacman is his size " skills and talent wise? Pacman miles ahead " spence is a weigtbully " he is a natural fight night he walked around 170LBS at in weight in scales he can make 147LBS then rehydrated up to 170LBS..thats why he is bigger stronger than other welterweight other than that his skills are ORDINARY, IMAGE IF HE FIGHT PACMAN? PACMAN NATURAL WRIGHT'S IS 143 LBS SPENCE 165 TO 170LBS THAT2IS A VERY BIG DEFERENCE, BUT PACMAN HAS NO FEAR '! HE WILL NOT BACK OUT!!

  2. Jun Moldz says

    The only advantage of spence is power and size. His stamina is questionable because he only relies on his power. Look at his fight against peterson. Pacquiao is too small but can fight even for 24 rounds even blooded he will never retreat. So I don't think spence can beat pacquiao that easy.

  3. Reinald Mondero says

    suicide for spence..

  4. Ernan Teoxon says

    I've got Manny's speed and power destroying Spence 💯 👊

  5. joseph mountain says

    Respect to Pacquiao for calling out Spence and Garcia.

  6. Fight Lab UK says

    Pac is 10 levels above anyone Spence has faced to date. Pac by UD

  7. Jesus Tosim says

    I will say it again '!! The only advantage of spence to pacman is his size, nothing more, skills and talent wise? Pacman is the man 'pacman never ever afraid to lose " never afraid of a giant opponents not like black champs " all of them afraid to lose " afraid to fight out side America afraid to fight each other '! that why I called them cowards pussy .I study all blacks champ resume in u.s.a.? almost all are the same,,

  8. Real Talk says

    I think this is a close fight, this time I'll go to the young man spence

  9. Gerard Francis Furto says

    If this fight happens, I’ll bet huge money for a brutal 12 round Pacquiao win.

  10. Bryant Santos says

    as a boxing fan, that would be a dream match, not only would I pay for the fight, I would like that fight to be Manny last fight, I don't care about Mayweather if that happens, won't be disappointed but I like Spence fight more

  11. Joseph Diaz says

    Y’all SeRiOus what THE .. Pacquiao WiNs

  12. Mr. Rayagi says

    It's like the Pacquiao/Margarito but more competitive and base on both their performance against Algerie, I'll give Pacquiao the edge because of age. Spence has the smarts, power, and stamina.

  13. Boy Gapo says

    Thanks for remembering homeless people…..God bless you …

  14. IRON STRIKE says

    Errol has the Power but Pac can tire him out with speed and being hard to hit

  15. Will Grello says

    The only fight that Spence has had that could tell me where he is at in terms of being pushed to the limit is his fight with Brook. We haven't really seen Spence tested yet. We will see him tested when and if he fights Pacquiao. I don't know how that one goes. Spence is kind of the same size as Margarito maybe a inch shorter and When Manny fought Margarito he said it was the toughest of his career. It made him almost not want to fight anymore. I watched his documentary called Manny and I never knew he felt that way. Because he had to exert himself like he never had to before, it was almost a religious experience for him because after that beatdown he put on Margarito he wasn't as committed to knocking the other guy out since. I think with Spences skill set he would give Manny Problems but can he take mannys surges and flush shots on his chin and face. If he can take Manny punch he might be able to walk thru him like Hagler did vs Hearns. I got it 50/50 but I think Spence might be too young and too big. Maybe im wrong but I think Spence will win a tough fought war and finally establish himself as the best in the world and finally get the exposure he needs because PBC is not getting him in the public eye and making him a household name and having him fight guys like Ocampo is not the way. Now fighting and Beating Garcia, that is a big start, but after that he needs a huge fight and Pacquiao is that fight.

  16. MrTransferbr3 says

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

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