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  1. FeFiFoFunz • says

    We can all agree this is the best part of the song 0:10

  2. Sample Text says


  3. SupremeBoiZ says

    Rip damned 2010-2018

  4. shooter of time says

    No need for damned it's getting serious now this is the test Time to show all that we've learned throughout the years

  5. deadmax3X Foxlase says

    1:10 best part.

  6. Nightmare 1314 says


  7. Ender Boy says

    This song is 🔥

  8. sithlordsoup says

    Lol the intro was ripped from the musical score when the Twelth Doctor met the First Doctor in the south pole(Dr. Who)

  9. Notagamer Games says

    A few years from now Kids will remember this as their zombies theme like how we remember damned as our zombies theme…. oh how nostalgia will strike them.

  10. Admirador Secret says

    Bo1,bo2,bo3 better than bo4 zombies song

  11. Kusshu The human says

    I don't understand why everyone is so upset about them changing after four games. I've played every zombie map and dammed will forever be nostalgic. but for the events unfolding in the story and the overall theme of Black ops 4, I think the new theme was appropriate and very fitting

  12. JG Kerr says

    It's such a musically pleasing piece for a game menu and a great way to get away from the old music

  13. PoisonXToad _ says

    I’m getting a Batman arkham asylum vibe. I love it

  14. Oh yeah yeah _ says

    Alisters theme > damned

  15. Lv.100 Boss says

    Spider-Man theme song is like the older brother to Bo4 Damned Theme Song.

  16. Moomoos moses says


  17. Ron 789 says

    It's cool,but damned is unreplaceable.

  18. Vincent Murillo says

    This is where treyarch fucked up🤦‍♂️

  19. Roberto Tolentino says

    2:01 love that part

  20. xT Alex says

    most people saying this is a better song are just kids that started playing cod since bo2 or bo3 ,real ogs are mw2 & under (2010>)

  21. ReVo TkD says

    Dayumn.. when dat first drum hits.. hooly 😍

  22. Snakeidj22 says

    T R A S H

  23. Innovxtion says

    I love this new theme but still think we should be able to change the lobby music to damned or someother song same with Multiplayer.

  24. Kelis None says

    At 1:11 when im high I become struck cuz it does something!!! Its classical almost…daydreaming loving it…fuk u I'm not weird😂😂

  25. Skittles N’Whipcream says

    Make an 1 hour version

  26. Abdullah Alsawaji says

    actually damned 3 is kinda better

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