Call of Duty Black Ops III Back in Black Maps Trailer – E3 2018


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Remasters maps from Call of Duty Black Ops I and Black Ops II, including Summit and Firing Range, are coming to Black Ops III.

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  1. Thot Slayer says

    I got xbox one so I guess I will just play black ops 1 again to play these maps lmao

  2. marcy419 says

    Sooooo not if I preorder the hard copy?? Dam ok digital it is 🤷🏾‍♂️

  3. xMckingwill says

    The nostalgia train just slammed into me seeing these maps again

  4. qoR x Vids says

    Man wtf

  5. RepStyle says

    WAIT HOLD IT did i hear that right only PS holders get this content? and only when they pre order a game with no story that is still full price+ i dont think i heard that right please anyone tell me thats not what i just heard even though this is meh news still

  6. DeathEgg94 says


  7. Revan Title says

    >Back In Black maps
    >Don't use Back in Black by AC/DC

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