Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 Nuclear Bomb – Sub Base


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This is me, Blacksheep(steam ID douty123) getting a nuclear bomb in the map Sub Base. I got the bomb at 24 due to having the Hardline perk on. Hit me up on steam to play a couple games. ^_^ The clan I was in here is SFH, but we’ve changed to ICU…

Loadout – Tar-21 with FMJ

Flash 2x

Scavenger Pro
Hardline Pro
Steady Aim Pro

Final Stand

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  1. ƒиჃσχу 2196 says

    no atomic bomb.

  2. Hernán Tejedor says

    best ame ever

  3. superhässlich says

    Very cool song!

  4. Seppi Mayer says


  5. Mateusz Bielewski says

    nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Vicente Coves Beneyto says

    I THINK he had aimbot

  7. rwafan1996 says

    passt nich wirklich hier rein oder ? 😉

  8. Prinzmatthias says

    the song id shit

  9. iE]xCuSe[Me. says

    XD styler u are a good player 😉

  10. helloimclaudio says

    @dreamtheaterisbeast yupp

  11. helloimclaudio says

    @Thorup4 what?

  12. RoXaR77 says

    7:06 Nice hacks lol 😀

  13. helloimclaudio says

    It's called a Nuke or Tactical Nuke. Not Nuclear Bomb

  14. helloimclaudio says

    Dude, you

    I once got 1,930 match bonus without a nuke, and i still ended in 3rd place in free-for-al,, you got lucky

  15. Charlie Sheen says

    Nice Flawless Nuke =)

  16. Paahl suggelaia says

    AWESOME vid :D!! That was some hackin awesome skills 😀 good work dude!! btw whats the song name ?

  17. Paahl suggelaia says

    first comment 😀 good vid dude. awesome!!

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