Call of Duty WWII Occupation vs Modern Warfare 3 Resistance Map Comparison

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As I finally can put my hands on CoD WWII The Resistance DLC let’s compare original CoD Modern Warfare 3 Resistance and remastered Occupation map. Which one do you like better?

I wish to thank Activision for providng the access code for the DLC. Cheers to you guys!

CoD MW3 was captured on PS3 meanwhile CoD WW2 on PS4 Pro at 1080p.

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  1. The only key difference is that Resistance was set in WW3 and Occupation was set in WW2

  2. I like how the trees in Ww2 have just been planted while in Mw3 they are grown

  3. It's not just MW3 they copied, I noticed a map from advanced warfare also copied exactly. So I got to looking, they did the same thing in infinite warfare coppying maps from other COD games from the past.

  4. LMAO- So many people being idiots and moaning that they've "copied" or "stole" the map. Or that the devs were just "lazy"… MANY GAMES DO THIS. With sequels, gamers like favourite maps to return. They've done this. It is copied on PURPOSE. The map is RETURNING with a new skin to suit the time and location of WWII. I can't believe so many people don't get this???

  5. You should do Detroit from AW compared to Valkyrie from WW2 Since people say its almost the same map

  6. I knew it was the same map from mw3 but no one belived me

  7. I’m not getting the complaints? Many cod players want to see their favorite maps again on this gen console. Resistance is the name of the DLC for WW2 so one of the DLC maps is a map that was CALLED Resistance in its original game. Was a cool throwback to the old map to bring something familiar to this gen console. I, along with many COD players, really liked this inclusion in the DLC map pack

  8. They’ve done a superb job, Resistance is an all time great map, the burning building effects are top notch, comments on here saying they’ve put obstacles in the same place, OF COURSE THEY F**** have, it’s essential to recreate the great gameplay.

    Who gives a f*** about ‘infected’ it’s a game mode under 12 yr olds play, GET A GRIP FFS

  9. They didn't even bothered to put obstacles like cars in different places … this is new level of BS laziness … the whole thing have freaking same layout only with different models & textures …

  10. The worst thing about this, is that "gamers" pay for basically the same thing over and over and over and over again.

    Let's keep making the industry as garbage as it is guys. Good job on ya' all. 😉

  11. thank you,I want to know how can you play with no HUD and weapon in COD WWII MP map,like your video?

  12. copy-pasters… Screw them! Using the same old assets and "remaking" them… heh, kinda bullshit. Not a big waste of resources, still big ass price on the market. Pathetic.

  13. It's not resistance if there's no INFECTED
    4/10 "the manga was better than the Anime
    oh wait scratch that so…. it a 3/10 Manga (MW3) > Anime (COD IW) > Anime movie (WWII)

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