Can Everyone BE SUCCESSFUL?: Ep 73 Soul Reflections: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)


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Success is for who we are, not for what we achieve, highlights BK Shivani. If we are contented, we celebrate others’ achievements. A weak soul isn’t happy seeing other people get more. This jealousy doesn’t let us be at ease, and hence quickly aggravates. Having qualities like honesty, sincerity, caring and sharing means success. We need to separate success from achievements.

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  1. Praveena Jagan says

    om shanti thank u sister

  2. REVERSE ASK says


  3. Smita Nath says

    Om Shanti

  4. Yogesh Chaudhari says

    such a beautiful explanation of success sister shivani…..lets all of us radiate the same in universe so that everyone is successful

  5. Ashu Anand says

    I like ur video very much , so please sister make video on how to remove suspicious nature

  6. Ashu Anand says

    Ur videos r very nice sister, while listening to your voice only my mind become peaceful and silence 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  7. Dhruv Nayak says

    Om Shanti


    Om shanti Sister.. First of all thank you very much for teaching us so worthy which will help us a lot in every stage. But sister sometimes after working very hard if someone becomes unable to achieve one's goal then at that time how to handle that situation which breaks down the person. How to build self confidence again so that one will again stand straight and work for the goal to achieve?
    Please sister Reply..

  9. Ankit Sapra says


  10. ANAMIKA SINGH says

    "I have to play against my own capacity" very nice 👌👌👍👍👍

  11. Nikhil Music Present says

    Very nice sister

  12. Goutam Das says

    Thanks for giving pure information , which create our own thoughts and make our destiny.

  13. Durgesh Shekhawat says

    Very nice …

  14. Divya Shreea says

    "I have to play against my own capacity" very nice👌👌👌👌👌

  15. Divya Shreea says

    "Values are the success for the Soul"
    Excellent thoughts and wisdom sis

  16. Divya Shreea says

    "Values are the success for the Soul"
    Excellent thoughts and wisdom sis

  17. vijay bunkar says


  18. munendra singh says

    ऊँ शान्ति

  19. Uma Kavitha says

    Thankq sir for sending good incarnation

  20. Yamini Nunna says

    Mam kithanabhi try kare things kyum workout nahi horahai pathahayki kisibhi chese ko chahiye tharafsai nahi sochnahay lakin bhahuth try kiya mam 6months be chalagayihay lakin koyibhi change nahi dhikayihay relationships may…Ha sanskars har ek ko same nahi hay lakin kithanabhi stable aur confident positively thoughts ko rakhay koyibhi change nahi hay mam change chahiye tho pehlay ye nahi kehna nahi hay ki bhanthi ee nahi nahi hay nahi bholnahi chahiye lakin patha nahi ajibhsi feeling hotha hai mam …..kithanabhi possitive affirmations ko lekay sochay kuchbhi nahi huva mam….thank uu soo much mam

  21. renuka sharma says

    sister mujhe is vedio ki na jaane kitne time se talash thi ……….. aaj mere doubts clear hue h .. thanks a lot..

  22. Deepak Joshi says


  23. Deepak Joshi says


  24. mansheet singh says

    I sincerely thank you, i have my ca final exams in nov, your guided meditation and these daily uploads are like oxygen to me. Lots of gratitude.

  25. manish pandey says

    om shanti

  26. P NEERAJA says


  27. Yamini Nunna says

    Thank you sooo much for the video sir and mam….om santhi and be happy always baba aur all the gurus and all the beautiful souls in this entire UNIVERSE

  28. kamalakar b says

    Sir and Sister, Problem of Jealousy gets magnified when the others try to suppress us while they progress. In this world to be successful people think that they have to suppress other people. Only then they can remain their positions.

  29. perfect learner says

    I need this rightnow. Jealousy is something which I don't want but it had made a deep root inside me.

  30. Skinder Bassan says

    Om Shanti

  31. Rajdip Banerjee says

    You are great sister.

  32. Tejal Patel says

    Om Sai Ram

  33. Hitesh R says

    Om Shanti Sister

  34. shajan keht legs dj says

    Omsanthi what is the meaning of trust ?what is the connection of money, physical damage and torturing…. In connection with jeoulsy, does is it really correct that resources are scarce and human wants are unlimited.. .that means what type of resources why people feel in a certain stage that he don't have an opportunity to refresh…. Why we need 8 to 12 working system, it creates only pressure we need a system 4 hours work with 8 hours research…. If we don't create a system which should create a Knowledge seeking society…. Lot to say it is just inbreaf

  35. pooja saini says

    Very nice beautiful


    Thank u Shivani ji. Om shanti


    Thank u Shivani ji. Om shanti

  38. 4fun tube says

    The world is like a robot

  39. aims preparation shantanu sir says

    Love you sister

  40. ashutosh singh says

    Om shanti

  41. sona vishnoi says

    Bhut hi shandar sister… thank you is video ko banane k liye…@@

  42. ruhi roy says

    Om shanti

  43. K Suryanarayanan says

    as usual this episode also is very useful to every human being in his day to day life

  44. Priyanka singh rathore says

    after facing all criticism i damaged my self confidence n started to fear with others success.. now m gud thank u shiva for this omen… om shanti.. om namah shivaay..
    god bless sister shivani 😊


    Om Shanti

  46. Abhay Kumar says

    Om Shanti ….muje iske bare mein jankari de ki agar relation mein kisi ke ghr kisi ki death ho jati hai to kehte hai ki khane mein haldi nhi dalni chahiye ya jyot nhi jagani chahiye ….pitron ke bare mein bhi jankri de….jaise sharad chal rhe hai …hume kya krna chahiye….Om Shanti

  47. VOGUE Dermacare. says


  48. Tunna Mukhiya says

    Om Shanti



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