Cemu 1.10.0d Patreon – Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper – Local Co-op Gameplay

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After 6 years. Cemu,
Worlds first Emulator to play Warriors Orochi 3 PC in 60fps with modify graphics pack into 5K quality. This is the Wii U version of the Warriors Orochi 3 games.

The game runs fully at 60fps for an addition new game for Cemu’s
compatibility list. Aside from perfectly gameplay, there are a few issues for single player.
Co-op mode is fine most of the time.

[Current Issues with WO3H]:
– Cemuhook heavily required for it to boot past the Koei and Omega force intro screen. Otherwise you’ll be greeted with a green screen.
– Game runs at 60fps, but also double animation, in-game cutscene and cinematic. You want to use Cheat Engine Speed Hack and apply it with 0.5 speed to correctly modify the game internal speed in order to play it smoothly. I do not recommend Rivatuner or Nvidia Inspector to capped 30fps as it can cause issues.
– Talking to Network Assistant Lady in the Camp will result in Freeze. Since the Network Lady uses online features only, this is un-important to fix. Restart Cemu to play the game again.
– In the Wii U GamePad Settings for Warriors Orochi 3 options, You
must set Speakers option to Off, Sync with TV to Partial Sync in order for the game to be able to go in-game in the battlefield.

[Graphical Glitches]:
– The mini-map from the Wii U Gamepad will occasionally appeared on the 1st players screen for 0.1 seconds during gameplay. But you can always ignore that.
– A few character models textures will turn black upon hack-n-slashing around including your character. This is fixed in Cemu Version 1.10.0e. (Refer to next paragraph)
– In-game cutscenes events, characters far away will play normally
with HD textures as it would on consoles. With characters zoomed in or too close to the camera, the characters would be blurred.
– Recent finished Stage Icon will apply to all Stage Icons in the Stage Selection menu. No fix for this.

– Cemu 1.10.0e Patreon Version fixes Warriors Orochi 3 corruption
texture(black texture when attacking in-game), but at the cost of performance. So you’ll basically experiencing every lag hits as long as you attack. Use Cemu patreon version 1.10.0a, b, c or d version for now if you do not wish to experience lags.

As of this video, Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper is one of the new and fully completed games within days of bootable with almost less bugs to worry about.

Note: I have known about psp’s Warriors orochi 3, but at last it was JP exclusive and also works on ppsspp emulator with an incomplete english patch. While it is technically the first wo3 on pc, it was terrible and incompatible for the most part mainly because it was japanese language and hard to configure.

RPCS3 the PS3 emulator was also able to run WO3Ultimate, but
it was not fully playable. Instead it only plays at 1-12 frames per seconds in battle. Therefore it was not the first emulator to play WO3. First Emu to run and boot WO3 sure, but not playable.

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  1. Hey i tried on the latest cemu version 1.12.2 and its always stopped working
    🙁 is the latest cemu version affect the game?

  2. uh can you post a new videos about steps to download cemu emulator and wo 3 game please :_

  3. how come your game at 60 fps is fine but mine is sped up?

  4. I have same emulator version and same game version. But after i start story mode i have black screen after loading first level. What i do wrong?. Please tell me. I try usa region game but not work too. I have this pc specs i7 7700k gtx 1060 3gb 8gb ram and win 10 x64. Please tell me what setting need to do to run game.

  5. I was curious about this, so i took it upon myself to test out the emulator using my physical copy of the game. Donated to the developer's patreon and tested. Turns out, for an emulator of a new console (i know nintendo switch is here) its not that bad. Good on you for this video 😉

  6. pls answer (is this emulator for PC) can you pls send me the ink of emulator

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