Cemu 1.5.4 (Wii U Emulator) | Improvements Preview


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gameplay rig: Intel Core i5-750 @ 4GHz – EVGA GTX 970 SSC

instrumental produced by chuki |

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  1. The Creator of alternate realities says

    Are you trying to make local network for multplayer?

  2. The Red Mammon says

    hey, i am playing smash and it keep crashing when i encounter wario

  3. Travor Selàmon says

    does Mario kart 8 run? or super smash bros 4?

  4. Sunyan Pirzada says

    when will we be able to play Bayonetta 2

  5. The Plague Doctor says

    can someone give me the instructions on how to run wii u games, i have the emulator and loadliineGX2 but i dont know how to use it XD

  6. sonickjuice says

    Get Ninja Gaiden Razors Edge working for this please.

  7. Michael Schulz says

    I'll be happy to buy when its region free

  8. Vince says

    Fun how you aren't suppporting the console that has really nice exclusives. Stop being a cheap ass bitch and buy stuff. Sad to see people are selfish enough to save some money instead of buying the work of others… Video gaming isn't at the best selling point right now.. don't point me the ps4. Even with the sales of 3 combined consoles (they others flop…) it's not even close to have what the Wii did with 2 good competitors. Yes the wii fell off later (still had 5 years of amazing sales when the ps4 is slowing already after not even 3) but just like the PS4 is going to do.. And the wii u and one won'T have a major awakening like the 360 and PS3 had. So just sayin, if u like video games just support them or else it will end one day.

  9. Lone Devil says

    What about Tekken Tag 2?

  10. Kogane Akira is my waifu says

    so, can i only play the offline modes in splatoon, like story mode and the dojo thing?

  11. D R says

    Jesus that's actually so impressive…

  12. Sam149 YT says

    Are the MK8 footage accelerated ?

  13. space gamerz says

    I think this emulator and citra have a lot of potential for pc emulation don't you think so too??

  14. bb bb says

    HELP! when i download it it says i dont remember the name but is starts with M something its a dll file it says its missing from your pc

  15. Attila Laukó says

    Guys what do you think this emu is working without lagg with a AMD A10 7870k APU?

  16. MANOFBLADE says

    How good will this emulator run on these rigs:

    Core i3 3220

    GTX 960

    RAM 8 GB

  17. gusri kahfi says

    hi, can you tell me how to fix the infinite black screen isue? I already downloaded cemu latest ver. 1.5.4 and already downloaded a game too everything was fine until I start to run the WUD files. it only give me a black screen with loading notice, mine is running at 60fps

    can you help me fix this please? thx

  18. JTX YT says


  19. Nicholas NRG says

    song name?

  20. N R says

    Are you the guys who actually make this emulator?

  21. AleTheBest says

    i run cemu.exe file and this dont open i am win 10 64 bit

  22. drumdude103 says

    anyone know how well Mon Hun 3U runs on this?

  23. Rock & roll geist says

    First thanks for this great video. second can it play Project.Zero.Maiden.of.Black.Water.? PLEASE Tell me

  24. msck6114 says

    what's that clip of anime at the end?
    Bloody nose chick.

  25. DotCD says

    can it render the gamepad and tv display separately?

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