Cemu 1.7.2 – Xenoblade X in 4K with GITechFX

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This game is my favourite wii u title and the game looks stunning!
Thanks to the reddit Cemu the game looks even better now!
If you gonna play this game make sure to check out the Graphic Pack because it enchant the experience by alot and closer to the original Wii U actual graphics if it could run in 4K.

PC Specs
i5 7400 @ 3Ghz
8GB DDR4 2400Mhz
GTX 1060 3GB

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  1. Very nice Graphic Pack but how can I update it? It says that my version is outdated.

  2. how to put the reshade? i dont understand. What am i suposed to do with the folder on description ?

  3. Does the music not work? Usually when I see someone play this game on Cemu, the music isn't playing.

  4. Are you playing at 60 FPS? I heard the game is locked at 30 FPS and I get 30 FPS in all areas I have been to so far, but your game looks like you are getting more FPS than me, maybe this is an illusion? or?

  5. what version of game you are playing on? im playing with 1.7.4d
    xenoblade 1.0.0e undub/uncen and its running around 15-25 fps with or without graphic packs
    gtx 980ti
    16gb ram

    your game is running so smoothly with those specs, im just curious how can i get my game running like that

  6. hey dud it seems you know what you ´r doing, midn to shara a quick tutoria to config the cemu for this buil. i3 to 3.7 8 gb ram and RX480 8 Gm, can run the game but theres a color full straing line of dots in the screen, some cliping and low frame rate. runing it with 1440 balanced graphic pack. much apreciated

  7. Hey, i want to play XCX, but it seems my pc can't really handle it. My fps are around 20 in city, and 25 outside. So, if i download your mod can i change some value to gain fps ? Like shadow resolution ?

  8. How did you get it to run like that with those specs?

  9. I have i5-3570 @ 4.3GHz, 8GB RAM and AMD R9-270x, and a get low fps… about 15-20 fps most of areas of game, playing at 1080p 🙁
    I think the problem is the AMD VGA badly optimized (OpenGL) for the CEMU :/

  10. dude i downloaded the pack but i don't know where to put it . can how to use correctly

  11. Nice work! It runs pretty smooth, how did you set it to run like that? I still have some issues with the FPS.

  12. hi im omar i want to know if you can create a fix for tekken tag tornement 2 i hace a fx3350 with a gtx1060 can you help to run it the players are invisible

  13. Looks like 1.7.2 runs XCX smoother, 1.7.1 its 30fps locked (at least for me) and has some performance issues(i7 6700 gtx960 8bg ram). I started to use GITech's graphics packs and reshade this past weekend and its awesome

  14. Anyone else cant get past the menu of this game? Just turns into a black background with audio, not sure if its an AMD or Intel issues or the emulator itself.

  15. Not good in amd… but hey thanks for showing this, at last lets just wait for the devs to perfecting cemu!

  16. The GFX Pack had already global illumination?

  17. Thanks for highlighting our work RDilux! 🙂

    I'm thinking about naming it GITechFX, as I plan to release gfxpacks for other games as well. You could change the title of your video to "with GITechFX" if you want to be more accurate.

  18. Lights are fixed? how? D: is a graphic pack or native on new cemu version?

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