CLASSIFIED EASTER EGG ENDING CUTSCENE (Black Ops 4 Zombies Classified Ending Easter Egg)


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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies “CLASSIFIED” EASTER EGG ENDING! This video will show you the EASTER EGG ENDING in CLASSIFIED. This contains the CLASSIFIED EASTER EGG CUTSCENE! Black Ops 4 Zombies CLASSIFIED EASTER EGG! SUBSCRIBE for MORE Black Ops 4 ZOMBIES videos!

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  1. TheSmithPlays says

    I know that BO4 is broke af right now, but COME ON!!!! THIS CUTSCENE IS INSANE

  2. Androme says

    New 8 player map

  3. Pewter Odin says

    Just got to round 150 and no cut scene

  4. Detroit Skills says

    No thx

  5. ZeusesCannons says

    8 player possibly???

  6. End The Storm says

    So these are what the characters of Chernov, Dempsey, General Amsel and The Japanease officer from the World At War campaign would look like with modern graphics

  7. Zack Wright says

    "Without the game crashing" not worth it this game is bad.

  8. Your Fate says

    Wow so there's going to be an 8-player co-op probably. Brings back memories of Grief mode in Bo2.

  9. Buttato Productions says

    Oof, dem graphics is weird

  10. Alex Brillon says

    8 player zombie mode!

  11. Night Hawk says


  12. Odd Freaks says

    You know Nikolai was looking at himself and thinking “Did I really wear that hat?”

  13. FamieJoxx_x says

    Anyone knows the settings for this glitch??

  14. Soupy Jr says

    Clearly faked.

  15. julian martinez salvador says


  16. Jake Goulin says

    can someone pls give me a brief and as simple as you can manage explanation of the zombies storyline? i understand everything from WaW to bo2 but as far as i can tell, WaW and bo1 are mostly non-canon?

    and there’s apparently a repeating cycle? between the maps?

    is here an explanation as to why WW1 characters look about in their 30s but ww2 characters look at the very latest in their 50s?

    which does not make any sort of chronological sense considering the gap between the two times?

    should i just look up the entire storyline and save someone the effort?

  17. Tactic Zombies says

    Simply get to round 150, pretty easy step, very achievable

  18. Sami G says


  19. john kellermen says

    SIMPLY get to round 150
    (I can barley get past round 10)

  20. Some Body. Lol says

    Wait so we’ll get to see how the actual Great War against Primis and the Apothicons was like?

    Or had the timeline been affected by so many events and such that even the Kronorium has changed and that we would see a different version of how the Great War plays out?

    It’s just my thoughts on this cause well I love this kind of zombie timeline unlike the others (exo ww2 etc)

  21. Ephexia_ _ says


  22. White X says

    8 player zombies?

  23. Und34d Army says

    skip to 0:50 if you want to skip commentary and go straight to video.

  24. Marty_gs says

    What map is this from? Is this DLC?

  25. Chris Paul point god says

    Older richtofen: here to shoot me in the head again?

    Young richtofen: Nein


    nikolai: i had 1 too many of these things

  26. liam sheridan056 says

    Love the way nikoli is explaining it

  27. Tedzukuri says

    People who play cartoon mode on jack off while wearing a condom

  28. Michael Huk says

    I'm confused. Didn't the primis characters kill the ultimus characters in bo3?

  29. Rhas 'Churol says

    So cool finally seeing Ultimis in the new cinematic-style zombies.

  30. James Pattisall says

    Everyone using the same cartoon footage where the hell is the normal looking cutscene

  31. Cj Leiker says

    Forgot to mention that team used an exploit to get this cutscene.

  32. Nolimit.Hicks says

    Round 150???? Who tf you think we are🤨

  33. Elite Sniper says

    Whys it in cartoon mode

  34. Podcast Fam says

    8 players dlc map?

  35. Sebastian says

    ”We have a war to fight”
    What kind of war?
    ”The Great war”
    And we’re back in Origins?

  36. Charles Fitzgerald says

    Yes I can tell you I enjoyed it it's fun to watch how they met each other in the storyline

  37. Optic Clips says

    Hinting at going back to WW1 in a future zombies map maybe? As b03 Nikolai says "The great war"

  38. only one Mr X Only one Mr y says


  39. Dx Glitches says

    People dont understand that the blue screen only happens on ps4 not xbox or pc. So ummm yea

  40. Anonymous77 7 says

    BluE sCreEn

  41. Bob Brewer says

    I wonder if treyarch will make dlc zombies maps that can have 8 players? imagine, primis and ultimis teaming up for the great war that nikolai 2.0 is speaking of.

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