Clemson’s blowout of Alabama saved college football – Stephen A. | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith of First Take explains why he thinks the Clemson Tigers saved college football in their win vs. the Alabama Crimson Tide in the 2019 National Championship.

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  1. Well I'm glad Clemson won because this proofs that SEC teams in the top 5 can be beat. I've known that for years. Once you get a football playoff system vs BCS favoritism; this proves that teams even like Crimson Tide can lose. LSU win vs UCF was an impressive game even though UCF lost 40-32. This now proves that teams like them, Clemson, Texas, and Georgia shouldn't be look over for teams like Alabama or Ohio State.

  2. Best prospects since Luck, Manning, Marino and elway.

  3. Positive video! Always keep producing worthy content and you can expect to build up quickly! Subscribe to our channel and also we shall subscribe to your channel!

  4. clemson is 2-1 against alabama in championship games….

  5. Boy max kellerman is a lying mother…. wanna talk about bandwagon? Hes gonna go back to this and these segments next year and say hes been rocking with him the whole time.

  6. "it's ok Nick, we'll just claim another fake Natty, maybe no one will notice again"
    -Bammie's AD after the Clemson beat down

  7. It took an Alabama man to take Alabama down.

  8. Clemson was the better team plain and simple it happens but that is the beauty of college football it's chess, not checkers

  9. I think for the Alabama fan base, this was very eye-opening! It showed us that Clemson is indeed building their program to compete with us year after year. We're gonna have to work twice as hard now to plant that flag atop of the hill.

  10. Bama was BURNED OUT by the time they reached this game. Nick ensured that.

  11. I wanted football highlights not these over fucking paid people that ramble on…..

  12. My dream came true I was waiting for a team to blow out Alabama thank you Clemson👍

  13. We need a 6 team college playoff, with the top two teams getting a bye.

  14. Homeboy on the left was with the Tide and Tua, then as soon as Clemson wins he hopped on Lawrence’s dick.

  15. Good ole Palmetto State ass whooping
    🐯🐯🐯🐯🐯 #BYOG

  16. Cavs would’ve saved the NBA if the league didn’t steal it on behalf of GS in 2018 Finals Game One, before LeBron broke his hand out of frustration

  17. Haskins is the best QB. You’ll see in the NFL. This left handed Don Ho will be at best be a Matt Leinart or Mark Sanchez. 2 heralded college to pro flops….. and they stayed healthy at least in college.

  18. The only "ass beating" this game was the score board. the stats were close. Clemson made the big plays that gave them the win. Enjoy it this year clemson fans.. because next year.. its coming

  19. Young man looks like the next coming Peyton Manning.

  20. Hope Clemson hangs the banner soon so they will have time to enjoy it before they vacate the title for all the doping. It's going to happen that locker room is tainted boys.

  21. Hey guess what Bama it's 2019 every one is a champion does that help

  22. Clemson won Cuz, Sunshine had transferred "TITANS" to be "TIGER"!

  23. you are so dumb !! until the ncaa changes the tier system and invokes proper scheduling this game is dead !!

  24. I don't see how the outcome changes anything. We are still in an endless cycle of Alabama-Clemson for the foreseeable future (with the occasional one-off interrupting the pattern). That's where we've been for 4 years now.

  25. Too say that no one has ever heard of TL since Monday, is either a fucking moron or doesn’t know shit about college football. Saying that TL was a nobody at the beginning of the year, YOU’RE FUCKING DUMB! High recruited QB. Was recruited by just about every school in the country. Started over a whack QB who can’t throw a football downfield and runs it? KB wasn’t going to win Clemson a National Championship. When Trevor got the nod, Clemson had the best person in that seat to win. Saying Clemson needs to let other teams win! Lol. You’re kidding right? Those powerhouse schools Like Michigan, Florida, FSU, OSU, Texas, USC, Alabama, Notre Dame and Oklahoma have way more National Titles than Clemson does, which is 3. If that to much for you pansies?? Grow up! Salty that the better team won. Take the beating like a man and move the fuck on

  26. Come on! Most of America was ready to see the Tide get beat. Thanks Clemson!

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