College Football Pump Up 2018-19 – “Undefeated”

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Enjoy the highlights of this past season and get pumped for the upcoming season! Getting closer!!

I hope you guys like it! Be sure to like, subscribe, and comment any requests on videos!

If you are a College Football player looking for a highlight tape, just contact me! Links to my profiles are down below.


Intro Song: Mr. Carmack – Ain’t Loyal (Oshi redo)

Outro Song: ZEEKO – Reach (Spotify and iTunes only)

If you’re still reading, you’re the best! Comment your favorite team!

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  1. Awesome video I love football I play for the Thurston Colts in Springfield Oregon when I grow up I want to be in the Oregon Ducks team and then I want to go to Green Bay Packers in the NFL

  2. best edit i've seen in a long time

  3. 0:50 It gives me chills every time. I'm Italian and I'm a college student in a little city. We don't have a college stadium (not even one like those that you have in Division III). I wish I could attend even only one college football game… and losing myself in the crowd (because if I was a player, they would kill me 😛 ).Your video increases my desire. Great work!

  4. Someone’s an Auburn fan🙄 just rename this “SEC highlight film. 1/4 Auburn clips”

  5. this intro is shit compared to shiney s intro

  6. AMAZING video bro!!! I was finally able to watch it, and it was definitely worth the wait! Keep it up, my man!

  7. This 🔥🔥 bro
    This is how I want to make my videos but I have cheap software lol

  8. That vid had me go through a lot of emotions and flashbacks. Amazing bro ✊✊✊

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