“DEAD OF THE NIGHT” INTRO CUTSCENE! (Black Ops 4 Zombies Dead of the Night Cinematic Storyline)


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“Dead of the Night” Intro Cutscene! (Black Ops 4 Zombies DLC 1 Cutscene Storyline Cinematic)
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  1. TheAverageGamer6 says

    2:56 bring me that ass!

  2. TombstoneChris says

    New characters again?

  3. phuck miasshoe says

    My socks finna be crusty tomorow

  4. Re732 Fa666 says

    I love it

  5. Eclipse X-LuX says

    Looks like a character from RDR2

  6. Sam Esdicul says

    Who else thinks the Arthur Morgan of BO4 looks a lot like jackie B from shadows of evil (the cop)

  7. George Thorn says

    Brian blessed confirmed?

  8. Regular Owl says

    I saw lady mcendrich like at least 7 times in there

  9. M00N YIN says

    If there were a hundred or a thousand zombies since the mansion is bigger as the castle from Disney, then time will be short or ends like 15 rounds.

  10. The Gaming Devil says

    So basically it's like Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare cool

  11. J DIX says

    This looks really weak

  12. FoxGaming says

    I expected the man with the bag over his head to be Shaw

  13. Jaydon Gunz says

    Thought this was rdr for a sec

  14. Deadzed Zombiekiller says

    Seems like treyarch is really scraping the bottom of the barrel these days

  15. a3 says

    these intros are sloppy, we all want to know whats gonna happen with the original crew

  16. TBB Gaming says

    Looks like a GTA5 Online cutscen why is no one talking??? 😂😂😂

  17. Isaiha Lezama says

    Why is sleeping beauty by tschyaikoski in this

  18. John Flanigan says

    0:36 are they playing once upon a dream from sleeping beauty?????

  19. Joobs says

    why are the zombies bits at 30fps with what seems like motion blur when everything else is at 60?

    This intro cutscene was sloppily done

  20. Nick VanderKooi says

    Wait. That was really Sutherland voicing the cowboy? Didn’t sound like him at all.
    check sources

  21. Cowboycomando54 says

    Zombie werewolves, whats next? Zombie Vampires, or zombie Twilight?

  22. Kyle A says

    Bruce willy???

  23. EP1C H4C3R says

    the 1dt song reminds me of Tom and Jerry XDDDD

  24. Slim Shady says

    ok that was bad ass

  25. Daniel Boldeanu says

    Soo basically in every map there will be one bad guy in the group?

  26. YoCalMEBEAST says

    Why didn’t they name this night of the dead

  27. Sern719 says

    This cutscene doesn't look so good.

  28. Benjamin Marlor says

    reminds me of that party misson in rdr

  29. Linus Lindberg says

    cant wait to play as Indiana Jones in zombies!

  30. shin tsukuyomi says

    Low key I was hoping that keifer Sutherland would sound like mgsv big boss

  31. Kevin Canavan says

    Just Asking when will be getting an Aether Map cause that's the story most people care about

  32. Juan Zavala says

    Can’t wait to play my boi Alfred Pennyworth

  33. SEAN GRIGSBY says

    Arthur Morgan? Is that you???

    This looks like a Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare 2 for some reason…
    Can’t wait for Rockstar to make another Undead Nightmare soon.

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