Dead Space – Chapter 6 Environmental Hazard – Hard Difficulty – No Commentary Walkthrough [1080p]

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Dead Space – Chapter 6 Environmental Hazard – no commentary walkthrough on hard difficulty. All locations with power nodes, schematics, text logs and audio logs.

In this chapter, Isaac is in the Hydroponics Deck to fix the air quality because of the Wheezers poisoning the air. After killing all the Wheezers, Isaac resets the air filtration system on a control panel, opening the doors to the Food Storage. Isaac walks down the corridor to a door that is sealed shut. Isaac feeds the poison on the filtration system, killing the tentacles blocking the door, opening it. However, since the poison failed to kill the Leviathan, Isaac is then forced to fight it. After Isaac finishes off the Leviathan, Kendra says that she “lost” Hammond’s RIG signal. Kendra finally tells Isaac she has a plan on the Mining Deck, to release a beacon on an asteroid in the mining bay.

– This is the first and only time you fight Wheezers.
– In this Chapter you battle your first boss, The Leviathan.
– As you head down the elevator from Air Filtration Room. If you listen carefully and raise the volume, you can hear the song “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.
– Exploders are first encountered in this chapter.
– The Contact Energy Schematic is found in the Sapling Room.
– When reaching the other side of the malfunctioned electrical generator, Isaac has the option to turn it off. Should the player choose to do so, Isaac can be seen nodding.
– Completing this chapter on any difficulty earns the “Greenhouse Effect” achievement/trophy.

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