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Heres a dirct link to the capcom unity post detailing the COOP system :
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  1. DevilNeverCry says

    02:59 is when the Co-op talk begins!

  2. TimE Wins says

    lowkey this game should have just been a full on coop with the three characters from the jump.

  3. sarim shabee says

    Will this have bloody palace splitscreen local coop

  4. MediocreAtBest-0 Gameplay says

    If this is the last DMC game then they should add Lucia as a playable character!

  5. wesley snow says

    So in this multiplayer how it works. Do we just play with random and we don’t choose who to play with or can we play with our friends like we can be in a party and start the mission?

  6. JoeyThaHuman 92 says

    Just seen a dudes theory and it’s weird that V’s summons are basically mundus’s minions 🤔

  7. Darealpokgai .MacauGamer says

    so they doing like the intersection co op like re6 then?

  8. Luis Vargas says

    That's weird. The different perspective is good but not so with online co op like they did in Resident Evil 6. I thought most of us didn't like it.

  9. Unknown says

    If your partner dies and it game over, get out of my game and im going offline.

  10. Taylor Knowles says

    so you cant actually plan to meet up in a mission online with your friend? it's just randos?

  11. Necro Mancy says

    Hopefully the bloody palace mode will be playable in 3 player coop too.

  12. Leo Jimmy says

    as long as i dont here somebody talking in the mic im cool. And Ive been wanting DMC co-op since DMC3. Me and my friend went through the whole game on DMD with the doppleganger stlyle with super dante. It was quite fun. I called him/the shadow mad dog lolol.

  13. Leo Jimmy says

    its all good the demo is old anyway. A V demo might have got to me. Im still getting game on playstation. Ive waited this long for the game I can wait till march. And yes I dont trust V. he looks hella cold and strong. He stinks of betrayal.

  14. Lastkoss says

    I don't think you are alone in being surprised that tis is a thing.

  15. mrHowlll says

    Why no ps4 demo?! The series started on ps2
    If anything the demo should be on ps4 first

  16. FoxNinja4000 says

    Didn't Resident Evil 6 have co-op like this?

  17. Luis Padilla says

    The wait for this game is even worse than ever before

  18. Doctor Gadget says

    V is Vergil!

  19. Kryptonical says

    Lets just hope this coop actually works when the game is released

  20. Vergil suzuka says

    Some how, this game keeps getting better and better.

  21. Groisu says

    For those curious its basically dark souls but more akin to that one game Journey

  22. Anthony Rodriguez says

    Dude, why would V be evil. He's a main character you play as. And Itsuno has said his favorite character is V. If he likes V more than Nero and Dante I seriously doubt he's shady or has bad intentions. I have no idea why everyone keeps thinking he's evil.

  23. Nicolos Smith says

    Well this seems stupid on my end but still gonna say it maybe v is related to mundas somehow i mean his servants now serve v cant be mundas himself but maybe an offspring as with sparda and eva but as i said ridiculous and the servants may be hybrids or just completely different but eh

  24. Kylah Rayne says

    I'm losing hope here, I'm gonna be so disappointed if Lucia isn't in this game in any way, shape or form :/

  25. Jeikobu says

    I expected the demo exclusivity, but I do hate it, I do not have an xbox one, I feel the controller from when I have held one is rather uncomfortable, I play devil may cry on playstation, always have, always will

  26. Persian Slashuur says

    "It is currently 4:20 AM."
    N I C E.

  27. Coswalker says

    So the coop is like journey?

  28. Jennyya Chains says

    The co-op sounds fair enough, it’s something new that I think to a lot of us was a dream come true. It’s a shame though, they make the demo xbox exclusive, I bet most dmc fans have a PS4. But hey, I think not playing the demo will make the first time playing more interesting, so I can’t wait!

  29. TheEXGamemaster says

    When you mentioned V using summons the represent the Demons from Devil may cry 1 that had me thinking why we will be going back fighting old Demons.

  30. TheEXGamemaster says

    Awesome video bro!

  31. ReZoura says

    You're so fucking underrated. Great video hands down!

  32. 2Devastado says

    As someone who owns both an Xbox One X and PS4 I do think a timed exclusive demo isn't really right but it is what it is, just thankful I can own an Xbox to play it tomororw. As much as I'd rather play the full game on PS4 because it's where most of my friends are, it's obvious which platform I should play the game on given what systems I have. The 4K60 fps on the X will make my purchase worth it for me and made me get the game there instead as the graphics will be a lot more impressive on the X given the footage we've seen. Just hope the community is large enough on Xbox to enjoy the multiplayer elements too.

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