Devil May Cry 5: Why Nero/Vergil Look Different (READ DESCRIPTION)

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®(WARNING) I said that Devil May Cry 5 was using the Unreal Engine, they are actually using the RE engine!

°Why the characters from devil may cry 5 look different.




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  1. Hello everyone, I made a few mistakes while making this video, only because i was in a rush and was really excited. I'm sorry about that on my end, won't happen again.

    However, I also see the dislikes are because of the new design and the comments are mainly focused on the change. I understand how upsetting it is for some of you to see everything in: 'modern day',

    Let's hope the story is great and nothing has been tampered with there. I also know it is a sequel to Devil May Cry 2, that's why he's suppose to look different.

    Let's at least give them credit where it's due. Games are hard to make, it coasts a lot of time and money but for one thing for sure, bad, good or terrible i will still support Devil May Cry because it's always been in my life since i was a kid. I just turned 19 this year.

    Thank you all for watching i hope this game will be great!

    It's been ReZoura, Peace!

  2. I am liking some of the changes which is good. But I prefer the medieval style. DMC 4 still lives up today’s art style.

  3. People please stop crying about the gone baby face dmc5 look. Nero aged (same like Justin Bieber did) and looks pretty awesome. I bet for all the people disliking the new Nero design will be a dlc to make him look like Teen dude again (Like they did for Dante and Vergil in the reboot game from Ninja Theory, still an awesome game for a nice game play. People act like babies for Dante' s look in the game too. LMAO). I wonder if this game will beat my all time DMC favorite. The 3rd one was the sweetest.

  4. The characters look dumb as hell because this is no longer a Japanese game pandering to a Western audience. This is some SJW glam rock version with no regard for real fans of the series, just concerned with left leanings.

  5. I like the style. I just don't like how Western they made the character's faces look now

  6. Where did it get confirmed that this game was a sequel to Devil May Cry 2? I know it's the most likely theory but I can't see any source confirming it. They only say it's a direct sequel to Devil May Cry 4, several years after the events but nothing about DMC2. I'm curious

  7. Nero no good devil may cry 5 no good 😭 😢 🤔 🤐 😤 👎 Nero and Dante and Virgil no good 😭👎👎 wat you lade and trhes and sparda wat you 🤔🤔🤔 gero Nero and Dante and Virgil dmc no no no good 😥 😣 😤 😭 😭 🤔 🤔 😱😭 👎 👎 👎 👎 No dmc no devil may cry yas 👍👍😗

  8. Simple, because he stopped being a wuss like in DMC4 and became a complete Badass!😅

  9. Nero’s face in DMC5 modeled from actor Timothy Olyphant?

  10. change the game play but not the face….same as castlevania LOS alucard and dracula has no cape and all spells hellfire…etc. ugly nero and dante

  11. DMC1 was literally a Resident Evil game that they decided got too actiony to be Resident Evil, it's not surprising they'd take it in the same art direction as RE

  12. Also what's the background music? sounds amazing

  13. well i just interested a combo skill and weapon

  14. Dante didnt have a beard in DMC2 i'm sure he got back and grew another dmc4 beard

  15. I dont believe an engine alone changes a character that muc. Square enic makes their character look the same with new engines.

  16. music at the background is remix of Arkaea – Lucid Dreams

  17. im tired of the modern world thinking, they have to redesign stuff as edgy hyper realistic trash, to keep up with the times. they did this shit with transformers, ninja turtles, power rangers. knock it the fuck off. they could've just gave nero a pair of jeans and called it a day. make it "modern" without killing the aesthetic.

    fuck a trend

  18. To keep the game fresh and you dont
    Look the as you did in jr high as you do

  19. Well DMC 4 took place before DMC 2. So it actually makes sense.

  20. Heidi yah kee
    hiddy okie

    Its Hee-Deh-Kee

    and Hideki Kamiya is not Itsuno.
    Hideki is with Platinum Games not Capcom. He left Capcom years ago.
    Itsuno is DMC4 and DMC5's director.
    Ninja Theory just got bought by Microsoft.
    And DMC5 is using the RE engine which was used for Resident Evil 7 and the upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake.
    Also Nero now looks like Jake Paul


  21. Only nero not vergil ,vergil still alive he try get back his power ,that power is arm nero

  22. march 13th is the date it was released it says it above the price ;-;

  23. I was not a fan of Dante in part 4. Too much of a clown and the cowboy pants and boots didn't help. Now it seems he's outta hell, went through some crazy shit, but he's all "Woo hoo!" Woulda been hella better in my opinion had he said, "Let's rock, baby!" with 80 percent attitude 20 percent jubilation.
    Part 5's art direction seems to borrow from DmC. Nero's design in particular is remisicent of DmC Dante: Short hair, grungy, angsty, rocker. I don't have a problem with that at all. I liked that game, and I'm sure I'll love the hell outta part 5.
    My 2 wishes: Trish and Lucia! Even a cameo. I so wish they'd make a sidestory game with the DMC ladies.

  24. Cause japans producteurs are cunt, and they think know what is black metal spirite and cool attitude

  25. Maybe nero always cuts his hair when they get long and dmc4 happened at a time just before he went to get a haircut 🤔

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