Do THIS to WIN MORE in Season 7! Console Fortnite Ps4/Xbox BEST Tips & Tricks! (How to Win Fortnite)


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How to Win Fortnite! Console Fortnite + Ps4/Xbox Tips and Tricks! Battle Royale Season 7! In this video I share Fortnite Tips to help you guys win as well how to build Faster in Fortnite! This Tip will make you UNBEATABLE and a Pro Player! I will be sharing some of my best tips in this video for Console Fortnite and as well as Ps4/Xbox and is also very effective for pc Fortnite! This Fortnite gameplay is in Season 7! Fortnite Ps4 Tips + Fortnite Xbox Tips that will teach you how to get better at Fortnite and how to win in Fortnite! LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more Fortnite Tips and Tricks/ How to win videos!


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  1. Multi Byers says

    What building option is the best I’m pretty sure I’m using builder pro where you press B to edit and I don’t want to explain.

  2. Multi Byers says

    I’m terrible at this game the most kills I’ve gotten this season and ever is 7. FYI I’ve been playing since the beginning of season 4

  3. Xxharvey_ XX says

    Priestygaming Xbox one

  4. Ray Games says

    Xbox Gamertag: Jeffgun2006
    Use code:Younghumor In the item shop ppl

    Btw Younghumor I love he vids and wish you could help me get my first win

    If you don’t believe me look on Fortnite Tracker just type in Xx_RELIC_xX and all I have is kills and no wins pls even if I don’t get the vbucks can you help me get a win

  5. Windzor _1_ says


  6. Yxng_ K says

    I’m looking for a fortnite coach so I can get better and show off to my friends! If you are good enough to be a coach then add me as a epic friend or psn friend my psn gamer tag is kboy191

  7. Brandon Goodshield says

    Xbox one

  8. Brandon Goodshield says

    Gs brandon

  9. King Savage says

    My GT is Numb_God i use You support a creator code i just dont buy nothing bcuz i dont have vbucks but if i win the giveawaythen ill buy skins and suppurt you

  10. Luwan Jurkin says


  11. Sillyboystunt 1 says


  12. Eliakim Magoke says

    GOKEZ is my tag on ps4

  13. Kevin Ceballos says

    Xbox gt is FaSe not FaZe

  14. Alan Chavez says

    PS4 gamertag for Fortnite: MrAndersonhmmm

  15. Tabish Muhammad says

    Yay My gamer tag is SquareBat310335

  16. Corbin Whittington says

    My psn for fortnite d2255d

  17. Kimberly Muniz says


  18. Landen Murphy says


  19. Lisa McAlpin says

    Gamerforlife 83

  20. Veronica Nohemy Zelaya says

    I sub and note

  21. Veronica Nohemy Zelaya says


  22. P.S.S DaKnight says


  23. yousef garip says


  24. Zurkzi says

    Can you help me get better in fortnite all at once my gamertag is Zurkzi

  25. KianaMarie Sanders says


  26. Lani Mercer says

    D_J_A_4L or try 4l

  27. Skyler's Fun House says


  28. Fifi Ming says

    I want v buck in ps4 pro

  29. Gaming Column says

    I'm gonna use the support creator code my gt is Gaming Column btw

  30. Marzo NY says


  31. Javier Martin says


  32. Sydnee King says

    My epic game account is Itz_me_sydnee_13

  33. TheBrokenCake 2.0 says


  34. MrKrabzYT says


  35. ur uncle says

    My name is heinrichpyss123

  36. Josue De La Cruz says


  37. Christian Ahn says

    Do u play claw on console??

  38. Benjamin Kurtz says


  39. XVersaceX says


  40. galxy123 says

    Who want to add me im called pinokis95

  41. MBLG CRQW says

    Psn : albert_2240

  42. Samuel Humphreys says


  43. Gaming club55 says

    I am going to buy a ps4 with fortnite but can someone learn me or i can just tell my class mates

  44. Yash Asrani says


  45. rolandass jagminas says

    My ps4 tag is PauliusJas. epic games tag is Pulaza1 and thats it

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