Dolphin Emulator 5.0 Setup Tutorial & Best Configuration | Play GC/Wii Games on PC

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This is a video showing how to play Gamecube and Wii games on your PC using Dolphin 5.0 for Windows. This tutorial and guide shows you step-by-step instructions for the ISO, Emulator, Controller setup and Configuration setup. The gameplay used was of Super Mario Sunshine.
______________________________________Description Content______________________________________

1. Primary Links
2. Instructions
• Required Software – 0:20
• Install & Run Dolphin – 1:16
• Basic Configuration Tutorial – 2:19
3. Music Credit
4. Essential Links
5. Common Issues & Errors w/ Fixes

_________________________________________Primary Links_________________________________________

Dolphin Emulator for Windows:
7-Zip Tutorial:
Skip Links:

*If taking the legal route

ISO Rip:

_______________________________Instructions – Required Software_________________________________

All links are at the top or bottom of the description.
All software mentioned includes – 7-zip, AMD/Nvidia/Intel Graphics Drivers, C++, ROM file.
You can Google the download for an ISO (or other appropriate format) if you choose the illegal route.
______________________________Instructions – Install Dolphin_________________________________

A – Go to, click the download button near the top of the page, and click “Windows x64” under Dolphin 5.0.
B – Go to your downloads folder and click on the installer. Go through it to install.
C – There should be an icon on the desktop for you to double click (do that).

_____________________________Instructions – Setup & Run Project 64______________________________

A -To set up your controller go to the “controllers” button (as shown in the video) and click “Configure” under either the gamecube controllers or wiimote section (depending on which you want to use).
B – Once you’re done with that go to file (in the upper left), “open”, select the game you want to play (either in ISO format or one of many mentioned in the video) and click “open”. Your game should have started.
_________________________________Instructions – Configuration____________________________________

Note that this is a basic configuration tutorial and not a detailed one. Mention below in the comments if you want to see a more detailed and advanced tutorial.

Graphical Configuration:

A – Go to graphics and make sure “full screen resolution” is as high as you want it (preferably anywhere from 1280×720 and above).
B – In aspect ratio choose “stretch to window” if you want no black borders.
C – Go to the enhancements tab and the next few settings are also better in graphics the higher you go. This can result in severe performance issues depending on the hardware and settings.

Performance Configuration:

A – (While in the graphics settings) go to the “hacks” tab and make sure that “Skip EFB Access from CPU”, “Ignore Format Changes, and “Store EFB Copies to Texture Only” are checked. Keep in mind that there’s a possibility that these can cause issues (although generally unlikely).
B – Go to the “General” tab and make sure your graphics card is selected in “Adapter”. You may also want to change the backend to “Direct3D 11” instead of Direct3D 12 depending on the game.
C – Go to “Config”, Select the audio tab, and you may want to change the Audio Backend to “XAudio2” for a potential performance improvement.

__________________________________________Music Credit__________________________________________

Music used: Milkshake by Aaron Spencer
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (
_________________________________________Essential Links_________________________________________

Graphics Drivers (AMD):
Graphics Drivers (Nvidia):
Graphics Drivers (Intel):

C++ 2005:
C++ 2008:
C++ 2010:
C++ 2012:
C++ 2013:
C++ 2015 x86:
C++ 2015 x64:
.Net Framework:

________________________________Common Issues & Errors w/ Fixes________________________________

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  1. Help guys
    Cant config my ds4 why??

  2. Hello every time I start Dolphin 5.0 I have to load games folder and configure all settings like graphics. I also have an xbox 360 wireless for my PC and when done assigning buttons i try to save it does noting when i click save help please!

  3. Hey! I have a BIG problem. And a annoying one. There is a backend named Direct 3D 12 (experimental) and it was the best backend for my notebook computer. And I had to get my computer to get it fixed a while later because of a blue screen. I get it fixed and I download dolphin and then I try to use the same backend open New super Mario Bros Wii and it crashes the emulator! And don't say "use Vulkan backend in the development version" that doesn't work too! It's very Annoying so please reply and tell me how to fix it please!! And one more thing. When I put it in Microsoft basic render driver for Adapter still with Direct 3D 12 (experimental) backend it actually gives me a message! "Failed to initialize Direct3D. Make sure your video card supports Direct 3D 12 and your drivers are up-to-date." What do I do??? Please reply!!!

  4. so this is probably irrelevant because its 2018 but im trying to set up shake controls for the wii EMU/Keyboard controls, im playing New Super Mario Bros. and cant seem to pick up anything because of this, please help!

  5. i need help. i downloaded my finle and all it is in 7 zip and i cant run it in dolphin

  6. The controls won't save for me, neither will the profiles

  7. I know this might be a little late but none of the iso works for me… I’m thinking that it might be for having winrar instead of 7zip. The iso file looks like it hasn’t been extracted and only opens like a folder.
    Been using emuparadise site

  8. dolphin won't save anything after i have input the options i would like

  9. I'm trying to play a paper mario wad and I keep getting the game slowing down and crashing.

  10. Whenever I try to open an iso I receive a warning that it failed to compile vertex shader. What might this mean and how to do fix it?

  11. Hey, why do you need 7zip and how does it connect with the emulator?

  12. it works but my wiimote does not do anything, even when it is connected

  13. Idk why but even after all the changes my mario sunshine still runs around 18 fps

  14. i want play wiiwares or wad files buth it won work

  15. Everytime I try to play a game my computer gets slow and the sound is distorted. How do I fix that?

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