Don’t Use This Roller


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Leah demonstrates how to make a stipple (also called antique) texture in a wall, using both a plastic loop roller and an ordinary paint roller.

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  1. charredskeleton says

    From the video I like the loop roller. I'd have to try them in person to say for sure though.

  2. charredskeleton says

    I find that my old/used paint rollers work really well. Especially the cotton nap ones. They get to a point where I can't seem to get them clean enough to use them for painting anymore. But they sure do work well for texture. I like a knock down texture so I leave my compound thicker to make tall ridges.

  3. Jo Debes says

    I would like to see both with a slight knockdown, then I could decide. Thanks for your skill sharing

  4. Roger Rosado says

    Will it work on a concrete ceiling? I personally like the regular roller look..

  5. Cory M says

    I like the texture on top.

  6. Jesse McElroy says

    The plastic roller made what reminds me of the old popcorn ceilings of the nineteen seventies.

  7. downhill2400 says

    Personally, I don't like Texture at all! Looks nice when applied but in time when you need to repaint or maybe you want to get rid of it all together, you got more problems!

  8. Mark Geist says

    Hi Leah, great video. Coming from a guy that can't even drill straight hole. Tried to make the center finder jig, 2 of them and when I got done I could not use them to find center of anything. I made your sawhorses and when I got done only 3 feet touched the floor. Had to install a block on the 4th foot on each one. So you must be very good at what you do. Your projects come out great Everytime . Thank God I have a drill press. Thank u Leah. Mark

  9. Thomas Milner says

    I repair rentals so I'd be painting the same ceilings again sometime. I use the paint roller because is cleaner, easier to paint and looks just as good.

  10. Zee Ter says

    Paint roller hands down…wondering if this would cover over boring wall paneling.

  11. Charley Lowe says

    Agreed Leah! Like the texture of a standard roller better. Stippled roller is too tight.

  12. Noah Stilinski says

    They both looked nice to me. lol The top one looked more cosier though.

  13. Walter Rider says

    thank you i never knew

  14. Br Vo says

    I prefer the stipple from the plastic $9.00 roller. Thanks

  15. Richard Kenworthy says

    Good to know, always a good thing when you save a few bucks. I like the 3/8 in better, looks more natural.

  16. Stan Webb says

    The pattern from the plastic roller is so small and on big plain wall it would be difficult clean for dusting… The big swirl from the normal roller would not trap as much dust and be easier to use as hang a picture on… Little swirl is harder to paint because a regular roller is used so you have to press harder doing so… big swirl is easier….. big mistake at my house….

  17. Christopher Church says

    I really hate textures, but I'm also awful at finishing drywall. lol

  18. PJFSr says

    I personally dislike texture walls, WRG to this video though, I prefer the plastic roller, it looks tighter and a tad neater.
    With all this said, I just have standard rollers in my tool shed area.

  19. Sam readers says

    I like the top one more but it would've been nice to see it knocked down. And yes people it is still being use in new construction it's not just for the 70s.

  20. LesterElm1 says

    Personally, I prefer not to have a texture. I spent many hours removing the textured compound when I remodeled my house 11 years ago. I like it smooth. Good video, Leah.

  21. Gdraven1 says

    I prefer the texture made by the nap roller over the one made by the plastic loop roller. The loop roller imparts a texture that reminds me too much of popcorn, and after scraping that stuff off the ceilings of four rooms, I never want to look at anything similar to it. 😀

  22. MaryAnn Nichols says

    I like the regular roller better. What I really want to do, however, is a lighter texture, more like an orange peel. There are so many different textures in my house, with sometimes as many as 3 very different styles on the same wall!

  23. James Richmond says

    Nice video, but i prefer the texture made by the plastic roller. 🙄

  24. bug one says

    Just do the cheep way bubble wrap grocery bags ect ect.

  25. Randy Parker says

    I like the uniformity of the plastic roller

  26. Jake Austin says

    Please don't use non-descriptive "click-bait" titles! I much prefer the plastic loop roller texture as it is much more uniform and professional looking.

  27. I Had A Bad Day says

    I thought textured dry wall went out in the 70's.

  28. Tom Mont says

    Sorry ,I like the plastic one more.

  29. curb scout says

    well, we agree that the nap roller texture looks better and more pleasing to eye. have a ceiling that is begging for a fix like this. also suspect that our painting efforts should be easier without laboring through the peaks and valley of the hook and loop roller. besides, we have a few new nap rollers about that are begging for work.

  30. Thomas Darby says

    While the plastic-loop roller has it's uses, notably in restoring old textured areas, I prefer the paint roller texture because it is flatter. With that, after the drywall compound dries, you can paint it easily with a washable or semi-gloss finish, and it will be far easier to clean. I never recommend textured finishes to people who smoke, by the way.

  31. CarolJ2013 says

    Ugh! People still doing textured walls and ceilings? Dust collects. Spiders have something to anchor webs. Clothing snags on the walls if you get too close. Give me a smooth, clean wall every time! I can see why builders liked it back in the day – easy and quick and hides a lot of "sins".

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