Edible landscaping grows in my yard


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Edible landscaping in my yard, mango tree, star fruit tree fig tree, banana trees, papaya trees, passion fruit vine, I also have dragon fruit, coconut palms, a citrus tree, bamboo.
Banana tree

I Kendall Todd show you some of the edible trees, vine in my yard. I live in south Florida. I believe putting in edible landscaping in trees, plants, vines is a excellent investment.

2 little fig trees

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  1. McArthur Seek and Speak Truth says

    you are awesome and so many levels my whole yard that I have is so full of watermelon leaves that I can barely walk I think I was a farmer in another life. do your trees look so healthy you are so blessed

  2. intan pasmol lover'z says

    Like pertama gan salkomsel nih

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