Entrance Gateway Mall & EKKAMAI BTS STATION 360 VR – Bangkok BTS Trip #19


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If you want to BTS Trip
Must buy “Rabbit Card” at Station Office.A variety of discounts and benefits are available.I will make and upload a video of information on how to make a “Rabbit card” and what to use.
I will make all the important tourist sites and information available in PDF.
▶ What About “Bangkok Travel Hacks” – Hot Place 360VR View?
If you’re in Bangkok or are planning to
I’d like to tell you where to go.
Video clips and essential information of Bangkok along
with the entire map
From February 2019, I will distribute materials that can be
viewed on My website.

I hereby declare that I have nothing personal to do
with the store in the information I give you.
Please refer to the trip as it is taught by pure experience.

▶ Film information.
1. Location :

2. What you can do here.- Hot place.

▶ Videos on important locations
It will continue to be added.
1. Hot place 01 :
2. Hot place 02 : 3. Hot Place 03 :
4. Hot place 04 :
5. Hot place 05 :
6. Hot place 06 :
7. Hot place 07 :

▶ Notice :
If you can, Please watch by Big Screen.
1. TV – Maybe, It will feel like you are walking on the street.
2. PC Monitor : You can Feel More Reality.

It takes about a day for YouTube to show video at 4K.
It is possible from the evening .

I pursue reality. So you walk through all the streets
and you’ll feel like you’re walking in the back.
I do not cut and edit only certain elements.
It infringes on an individual’s privacy
Sometimes it can cause problems.
I shoot everything on the street on public roads and shoot to
remember all the way I walk.
I will shoot the road some day.
You can see the road alive some day.
Let ‘s walk with you.
Also Please Look with Big Screen.( TV or Monitor )

▶ I need your Hands. Thank you So much.
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3) If you wanna know more info?
Please ask by Comments.
I will answer for you…Friendly^^

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