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Step inside Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and immerse yourself in this 360-degree video that places you in the middle of an epic rooftop laser battle! Let us know your favorite character in the comments below, and catch more of RTMNT on Nick!

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  1. Do YOU love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?! Tell us why in the comments below! 🐢

  2. I didn't know I can move the screen in 360○ (even I paused the video).soo awsome!!😍😍😍

  3. If Sheldon is going to be voiced by Greg Cipes in the show, that would be amazing!

  4. The computer boot up noise had me dying. Kudos to Mikey for solving the problem

  5. I was scared for a second at first XD This is amazing ❤️🥳

  6. lucy eyes in season start before or after Casagrande Story Arc


  8. Omg! I know who’s voicing Shelldon! It’s Greg Cipes! Happy new year Nickelodeon!

  9. You know Sheldon sounds just like Mikey from 2012 TMNT, at least they kept one of the voice actor in this series

  10. Very very very cool video!!!!!!! I like it ❤️❤️❤️!)

  11. That’s EVERYTHING! It feels like your actually there!

  12. Okay… this is actually amazing? And Greg Cipes? Was DEFINITELY not expecting him to make an appearance, but I am pleasantly surprised 😆

  13. Hello nick can you do a episode where you put the cast of I am frankie in a recording studio having to make a song!

  14. That was amazing I love this so much please keep,it up 😁👍(also love that Greg cipes voices shell d.o.n.😚👍 perfect)

  15. Thanks for helping me start off the new year with a smile guys ❤

  16. This was so cool and was that Greg Cipes (Mikey from TMNT 2012) as Shell-Don❤️💙💜🧡🍕🐢

  17. “Watch yourself as the Ninja Turtles do a roof battle in 360 scope. You won’t believe your eyes.”

  18. Oh my gosh! That was so epic! I had a blast looking around to see the turtles! Cowabunga! 🐢💙

  19. Omg😱😱 5million subscribers I hope one day I gonna get 5million but I never gonna get 🙁😔

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