EXTREME RAGE – Search & Destroy Funny Moments #4 (Black Ops 3 Multiplayer) | Noobface


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Intro Song: Grant Bowtie – Cloud Nine

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  1. MasterJ 1314 says

    Crash bandicoot

  2. SiiTheBoat says

    gtb crash bandicoot

  3. x-SHayes- x says

    some people need to have sex to not get angry

  4. Nightmare Turtle says

    the music is from crash 3 wrapped XD the cocoa levels

  5. Jackals Anderson says



    Old intro yay

  7. TheGamingToaster says

    I don't mind the yelling but the kids you play with who basically eat their mics when they talk and yell make me just close the video

  8. Finna kill myself says

    omg my favorite youtuber

  9. Jed Reed says

    soz man but you look at the leaderboard wayyy too much

  10. Feed says

    Yes old intro

  11. its grocco says

    good video please more zombies

  12. Why Y says

    Such a great youtuber! Never stop uploading, keep up the great work

  13. Raging Bunny says


  14. Travis W says

    NOOBFACE, revive me bro, i have 700 points and a shieva @Noobface

  15. thesquishysponge says

    Love you dude your zombies shit has me in tears laughing keep up your good shit man

  16. Gabeguppers lopez says

    NoobFace love your vids

  17. XP Gamer says

    Finally the old intro

  18. ExtremeChaos FTW says

    Luv you noobface your content isn't bad at all btw I love your fails lol

  19. So Beatz says

    this is not even funny just a hole bunch of people yelling into mic

  20. Borris Lon says

    Noobface if you don't reply to my comment I will shoot my self with a paintball gun in the p.s I subscribe to you on 5k cause of MisterTlexify on top 5 fails of the week and I will shoot myself

  21. Skellies says

    Nice vids dude how old are u ??

  22. kai mario says

    The song in the ending sounds like crash bandicoot

  23. ItsVenomous says

    hey noobface you should make a bo3 group so subs can join

  24. Owen S says

    Love u noobface

  25. 「Lovemuffin」 says

    Chrash bandicoot 😉

  26. ChrediX says

    can you add me noobface :3?

  27. Jeff Owlstin says

    Keep the old intro plz

  28. TheOnlyZepher says

    Music is from crash bandicoot i love you

  29. ImakeITlookEZ3 says

    Holy shit I was in the video I didn't even know u were recording when I played with u

  30. Toxic_Rac00n says

    Crash bandicoot it's obviously

  31. Caroline Bagley says

    Yes old intro is back.

  32. Gerardo Contreras says

    noobface I'm a big fan

  33. Gerardo Contreras says

    Can I play with you??

  34. Charlie Ritkes says

    Is the music crash bandicoot? And btwAre you planning on hosting an open lobby

  35. Punchy__ II says


  36. Toby Elmer says

    Let's go win some games with the 205 breechy!

  37. BigPro3 says

    Yo Noobface I watch all ur vids and there all great keep up the work

  38. Clayzor says


  39. Darian says

    Sounds like Donkey Kong because I heard bongos.

  40. TheGaming Panda says

    did you switch back to the old intro or the video is old

  41. Jessie Benavente says

    I have a feeling that it's from crash

  42. CrimsonCell says

    Donkey Kong?

  43. MistahTony says

    Nice vid like always

  44. Donald Trump says


  45. Alvaro Jimenez says

    RIP headphone users

  46. Chika Bytes says

    I the intro song is cloud 9 by grant bowtie

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